Thursday, August 21, 2008

Montana pix part 2

This photo is suppose to be at the bottom of my blog!! Does anyone know how to put photos where you want them? Please enlighten me.

This vacation is old news, but I still had to share some of my favorite photos.

Here is the "Flathead Lake Gang." They're a little shady looking I know. I wouldn't want to cross them in an abandoned alley. (actually, Montana doesn't have abandoned alleys, or gangs for that matter.) From Left to Right we have Mckade, Kesler, Avery, Nya, and the back of Sage's head in front. Mckade and Nya are our good friend's Park and Shawna's children. Shawna's parents own arguably the most amazing property in the USA right on Flathead lake. They have done really amazing things to make you never want to leave if you're lucky enough to visit.

Tamra if you're reading this, please don't panic! No children were hurt during this photo.

This is one of the really amazing things the Reeds (Shawna's parents) have done to their lakeside property. They built a "pig pen" to lock up the children. Oh how I miss this pig pen. I didn't feel bad leaving Sage in here because he had the butterfly to keep him company.

Here's Avery and Nya in the boat. They bonded instantly over the fact they both wear glasses and have had to wear a patch on one eye.

We had lots of fun tubing. Shane was the only one to get thrown off. (He claims he did it on purpose.)

Ahhhh so refreshing. Sage had no fear when it came to the water.

Here's another really amazing I-never-wanna-leave-this-place feature. They built this cute little tree house with a little pebble beach for the small kids. The pebbles are so soft they are comfortable to sit on. They moved a ring of large rocks with a back hoe to form a barrier which makes it really safe for the kids to play. To the left of this pictures is an outdoor kitchen with all the works; running water, a grill, and a banquet.

Here we are at pebble beach.

This is lake McDonald in Glacier; equally beautiful, but without the amenities. We went on a bike ride to this lake and snapped a few shots. I love these boats. Chandi, it reminds me of that painting you did.

I love this next grouping of photos. It shows Avery's spastic "I'll do anything if you put me in front of a camera" side. Meanwhile, Kesler is thinking, "take the damn pictures so I can get back to spotting fish." I'm just kidding, Kesler doesn't really swear. (terribly often anyway:)

Off the subject, but Avery is turning into a teenager waaaaay too early.
example #1. The other day Sage broke off the lid to her make up compact. She fixed it and then turned to me and said, "I put it on wicked tight." I have no idea where she picked up that word because Shane and I certainly don't say wicked.
example #2. I was dancing to some music and getting lots of laughs out of Sage, but Avery just looked at me and said, "Mom, could you please stop doing that." It wasn't too long ago that I could get her laughing hysterically too.
example #3. We had a primary party on Saturday to "This is the place" state park. Parents were invited so I planned on attending. When we were getting ready to leave she said "You're coming too?" I said, "Of course, don't you want me too." Suddenly the room got very quiet and she just couldn't look me in the eye. I thought I had a good 6 or 7 years before Avery was too cool for me!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Why do I feel the need to confess this?

I've always been a big reader and usually once I start a book I finish it within 3-4 days max, no matter how big it is. I just have a hard time putting good books down. However, when I picked up Twilight after hearing so much buzz about it, I was a little embarrassed and tried not to let anyone see me checking it out at the library. I just thought, "I can't believe I'm about to read a teenage vampire love story." but 5 days, 3 books, 1800 pages, 2 neglected children, and 1 bewildered husband later, I knew I was a Twilight mom. I know I'm not completely alone in my Twilight addiction, (I have a theory that her books are laced with drugs) because I do have a couple friends who love the books too. In fact tonight one of my friends might be bringing...or shall I say dragging...a date she has tonight to a Barnes and Noble bookstore so she can meet me there for the midnight party. Yes, it's that important. While I was reading it I brought it to a doctor's appointment I had (which I found a very annoying at the time) and even though I tried covering the book so she wouldn't think I was a little cray, she instantly recognized the book and said I wouldn't believe how many woman bring in the series; then she proceeded to have a Twilight book discussion with me and even gushed over the movie and how dorky the actor they chose for Edward is (I have to agree.)

Anyway Breaking Dawn is being released tonight and I just had to share my excitement with everyone!

For those of you who have not read the series yet, here is my advice:

1. Warn your husband in advance that you may not be around for a little while.

2. Have your favorite Pizza delivery place on speed dial, you'll understand once you're started.

3. Thoroughly clean your house and clear all your appointments. Things like laundry and doctor's visits really become a nuisance:)

Now that I've come clean with my Twilight addiction, is there anyone who can relate? Either with my addiction or another? Let's share and get this out in the open.