Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving in the woods.

Call me crazy, but I love watching my husband chop wood! There's something about it that reminds me why I fell in love with my mountain man.

If you think this is silly, make your husband chop some wood and see if it works for you too!

Okay, now it's my turn. It took me at least a hundred swings just to chop one piece. I was ridiculously slow, but by the time I was done I was too warm to start a fire.

Honestly, chopping wood is quite addicting. I thought I would have really swore arms and back muscles the next day but to my surprise, only my thumbs were sore...who knew?

Wood choppers in training. What, you don't let your children play with large axes that are as big as they are?

This is Shane's Grandma. Easily the warmest, friendliest person I know. She has a really neat house and she and her son make famous apple cider. She's 88 years old and she has this really neat adult size tricycle that she gets out and rides. It's so much fun to visit Grammer.

I promised a hunting report, so here you go. This is Shane's best friend Park. He shot the only and only animal the whole trip. Notice he's using a branch to mimic an antler. This deer only has one antler and apparently in the hunting world this is a major embarrassment. Shane and his other friend couldn't stop making fun of him the entire trip. According to them, it would have been better to have nothing rather than a deer with only one antler. And all this time I thought it was about the meet.
Moving on, We had a really fantastic and delicious Thanksgiving feast at Amy and Austin's house. My only disappointment is that we didn't have any any Turkey's visit us this year. Every year we have flocks of turkeys roaming the yard, but this year they stayed away. I guess they know Mark and Tamra won't be around for awhile. (They're on a mission in Russia.)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Worst Movie Ever!

Okay maybe that's a little strong in describing Twilight, but if the shoe fits....Anyway, Shane was lucky enough to not have to sit through it with me because his saving grace, my sister-in-law, Amy called to see if I wanted to see the movie with her and some of her friends in Montana. We rolled in to Montana at about 11:30 and went directly to the theater for opening night. I laughed during the movie, but not during the parts that were suppose to be funny. So many odd angles and camera shots and really weird acting. The actor who played Edward was so....awkward. I saw him on Jay Leno a couple nights later and he was even weirder then. Heidi Klum was making fun of his hair and Jay Leno said he looked homeless. It was pretty funny. Anyway, I still like the books, but if they want a successful sequel, they'll have to fire the director and the actor who played Edward and put a lot more dough into the movie. On a positive note, the actress who played Bella did a really good job.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Road Trip

We're headed to Montana in a couple of days for Thanksgiving. It's really more of a hunting trip, but whatever. Thanksgiving and Hunting are pretty much interchangeable this time of year. I have to admit, I NEVER thought I'd marry a hunter. My first huntin' outing was also my last and it lasted for about 10 minutes. It's was probably one of our first fights as a married couple too.
Shane: "Sit still d@#* it!"
Carrie: "I can't even Shiver? Forget this, I'm going home."
Note: Since I'm the one writing this, I can make myself look more innocent than I probably was.

Moving on, hopefully we'll bring back enough elk meat to satisfy us for the next year. (I put my foot down at deer meat, it's not worth the freezer space.) Here are some pictures of "Thanksgiving/huntin' parties" of the past.

Here are four of the Hughes boys. Travis isn't here because he doesn't hunt. Actually, he's a vegetarian. If a vegetarian can be raised from this family, there's nothing that can't happen:)

I got a phone call from my 5 year old nephew today and he told me all about the 5 point bucks roaming the Many Lakes area and the pheasants and ducks they shot at Grandma's pond. I wish I could have recorded the call. He sounds like he's been hunting for 30 years minimum.

What, you don't let your two year old daughters play with elk heads lying around in the back yard? tsk tsk tsk.
Personally, I'm really excited this Thanksgiving to see Twilight. We're leaving on Thursday which means I won't be able to go with my girlfriends, so unfortunately for Shane, he's promised to go with me. Although I'm excited to see it, I have to admit my hopes aren't that high for this movie. Granted, I've never seen a movie that's as good as the book, but this movie especially might be a little too "teenage" for me. We'll see I guess.
I hope everyone has a great Holiday and travels safely to their destinations. I'll have a full "elk meat" and "Twilight" report when we return.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm a Trunk-or-Treat convert

I just love them. It's a great way to get lots of candy in a short amount of time and see a lot of great costumes. There's also the added benefit of socializing for the adults. This year our ward did a trunk or treat. We sent flyers around the whole neighborhood and made signs in the street to advertize. It was a big success and lots of people showed up. Unfortunately I was so busy planning parts of the trunk or treat and making my kids' costumes that I didn't put anything together for myself. So, I went as the woman who made her kids costumes. Here they are:

Here's Avery's. She's got a whole Annie Oakley vibe going for her. Truthfully, I unpicked this costume enought times to make it three times over. Unpicking; it's what I do best.

Sage went as a sick cowboy. He really played his part well. It started around 4am when he woke up with massive congestion, coughing fits and lots of vomiting on my bed. We even took a real trip to the Doctor, just to make it authentic, and came home with enough antibiotics for a whole month! Wow, the costume that just keeps on going. The Doc okay'd him to go trick or treating so he didn't have to miss out on the Halloween fun. Here he is in the pick up we rented to go along with his costume...Not really.

Shane went as the husband of the woman who made her kids' Halloween costumes.

These two look like they're about to hijack a train or hold up a bank. There just to cute, I don't think anyone would take them seriously.

We figured the adults would want a treat as well so as a Young Men and Young Women's group we served hot chocolate. It was a huge hit. Here I am bossing everyone around.

Just for kicks, here's what teenagers are wearing for Halloween costumes. This is Jennifer. Isn't she adoreable!

Here's Kristen. She's an Elmo/fairy hot chocolate dispenser.
Here's Mayra lookin' good in a tutu.
Here's the line for the hot chocolate. See, I told you it was a hit.
I hope everyone had a really great Halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama Follow-up

Yes, I am still voting for Obama and I wasn't planning on any follow-ups but all it took was a little nudging from Aunt Caryn and and I'll answer my feelings on some of the comments made because I know at least on person will be interested! I just want to clarify before my stance that I am not offended by any difference of opinion and recognize that I do not know everything. I do however try to be unbiased and fair and weigh both sides of any argument before I make any decision, so here goes:

I personally do not agree with abortion and do wish the laws could be changed so that abortions could only be used in true medical situations where the mothers life is at risk or in case of incest and rape, rather than a form of birth control which I find abominable. I recognize that "risk of mother's health" is a very broad term because ANY time a woman gets pregnant her health is at risk to some degree. However, I would not support a ban on abortion unless Mother's life, rape or incest were included. The truth is, if my 12 year old daughter gets pregnant by the next door neighbor's husband, NOBODY will tell me she can't get an abortion because her choice was taken away in the situation to have a baby. I also want to point out that we've had a republican president for 8 years and abortion is still legal, even with the appointment of two conservative judges. So in other words, I don't base my vote on this one decision. I recognize that many do weigh this as their number one decision on who to vote for, and for those who do, I can understand why you would vote for John McCain.

Barack Obama has said he would not raise taxes unless you are making 250k a year. That's 5% of Americans and even less than 5% of businesses. I personally will fall into the 95% of Americanise whose taxes won't be raised. I believe him when he says this. I have heard from many people that "only good LDS members should vote republican" so I want to challenge that. The church Strongly preaches frugality and living within your means. In what way has the republican government for the past 8 years lived up to that. (and saying that the congress has been democrat for less than 2 years doesn't work for me. George Bush sets the tone.) If it means having to raise taxes a little so the government can set the example of a balanced budget for Americans and the rest of the world, I'm up for it. Why should we as Americans be punished for debt when our own government can't balance their check books. In my humble opinion there is definitely a link between Americans citizens over spending and CEO's bankrupting their companies, and it starts with the government's terrible spending habits. It reminds me of something called the pride cycle. HMMMM raising taxes or going into record breaking debt, I think I'll take financially security. Having said all that, I think both tax plans are flawed. I think a flat tax would be the best for the nation. We already have a working example of how successful it is. It's called the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

Contrary to popular belief, if a democrat gets elected into office, medicine won't automatically be socialized. Having said that, I'm not afraid of socialized medicine for 2 reasons #1. It will never happen in the US. and #2 Not EVERYTHING about it is terrible. Actually, I have talked to someone who lives in another country about and it happens to work for her and her family. (Mary and Chris, if I'm misrepresenting, you speak up; if I'm not, back me up!) I just want to point out that the countries we're talking about who practice socialized medicine are advanced, educated, peaceful, and civilized countries. I'm not saying it's the best solution for the US because it's not perfect, but why not take the good things from it and the good things from our current policies and combine them. This is what the US does best...solve problems by compromise. Let's face it, we already practice socialized medicine to a degree. Homeless people, illegal aliens, uninsured patients, all paid for by the government. In my opinion, Insurance companies are the BIGGEST part of what's wrong with our current health care system. Barack is suggesting that we keep our current doctors and plans if they work for us and for those who don't have any, they can be apart of the health plan that senators and congressmen use. Republicans like to say that they will be forced to go to certain doctors and hospitals. News flash, insurance plans already work that way.

Jaclyn was right when she pointed out political propaganda. A person's middle name is probably the last reason I would vote for them. When I hear the Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity right wing talk show hosts of the world try to create fear in the hearts of their listeners by saying "Barack Hussein Obama" I already know they are not of sound mind to make judgements as to whom I will vote for. First of all Obama is a Christian, but even if he was Muslim and still kept all the same political policies that I am voting for, I would still vote for him. I believe Islam, when practiced correctly and peacefully, is a beautiful religion. Many LDS people have theorized that Muhammad was a prophet. I can't necessarily say that I think that but I'm not afraid of Muslim Americans or Muslims in general. I had a Muslim friend in college and I realized her beliefs are really not that different from our own. I really liked her, she was a great person and I learned not to be afraid of Muslims. Also, I like Baracks ethnic diversity. Already people around the world have said he is more relateable and let's face it, we need to do some damage control for our global neighbors.

As for Reverend Wright; I believe strongly in keeping separation of church and state. It protects the churches as much as the citizens. I want to remind everyone that our church did not allow black people to hold the priesthood until 1978. I do not believe this is a valid reason to NOT vote for Mit Romney, and I feel I should extend the same courtesy to everyone else's religion. Religion is controversial period. You can look into anyone's religion and find all kinds of hypocrisies and contradictions. For that reason, I choose not to look at someone's religion when I vote for a candidate. The important thing is, Barack Obama has never repeated the Rev.'s rhetoric and has never conducted a life that supports what he says. Also, I have sat in many congregations and Sunday school classes and heard crazy ridiculous opinions spewed. I know that I can worship the same God and share spiritual beliefs as someone, but completely disagree on many other issues. Again, I extend this same courtesy to everyone.

Barack Obama has short experience in the Senate but many argue this as refreshing. Also, he has been very successful at almost everything in his past. I absolutely respect John McCain's experience in the Senate and Military. If only we could all go back 8 years and Elect him as President! He would have been the better candidate 8 years ago. I'd like to point out that S. Palin has less experience than Obama..

I will bring up one point that I strongly agree with McCain and differ on with Obama. Ironically, it's the one issue that many in Utah at least will find me crazy for. I think school vouchers would save our schools and I hope they will soon be used in our school system. Before you start on your arguments against school vouchers...just know that I have weighed all the pros and cons and if you start bringing up arguments on vouchers you might get another loooong blog post from me.

I'm not afraid of your opinions and I respect everyone's right to choose. I love America. We are so blessed to live in this nation!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama for president.

For the first time in a long time the country has two men at the head of their respective party who in my opinion are decent (I use that term loosely with politicians) respectable men. Having said that, I have definitely made up my mind to vote for Barack Obama. Last night's debate really sealed the deal for me. Of course he's not perfect and I don't agree with all of his policies, but of the two men, I think he's the best. He said his #1 top proirity is the enviroment and I just wanted to shout "Amen!" because the environment is related to so much of what's wrong with our country right now. A few examples:

Investing in alternative energy would generate new jobs galore...and not just in oil rich states like Texas. Utah would do so well to invest in Solar and Wind Energy. Every state in the union has resources of some sort that could create evenness and fairness in the energy circus. Right now the oil tycoons have so much power and influence over not just Washington but the whole world!...and John McCain wants to create more power and greed by drilling our oceans and our last frontier, Alaska? I can't think of anything more crazy.

The real way to win against terrorists in my very humble opinion is to take away their oil money. So many wars have been related to oil...even WWII. Now we have the Iraqi war and the Georgian conlfict that are surprise surprise...related to oil. If that scripture were written today, I believe it would read. "the love of oil is the root of all evil."

Americans would be healthier with cleaner air and maybe our health care system would be a little less burdened. Right now there are certain days when our own children can't play outside because the air is so filthy. It's definitly a problem when we are told by doctors NOT to excercise outdoors because it's more detrimental to your health.
In general, I found Obama more cordial, gentlemanly and less condescending than John McCain.
Okay...I'm finished with my soap box. And there are many more reasons I'm voting for Barack Obama, but My children won't allow me that much time on the computer. I realize many people who read this will completely disagree with my support of Barack Obama and will want to teach me a thing or two, but I'm okay with that...this is America after all!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Montana pix part 2

This photo is suppose to be at the bottom of my blog!! Does anyone know how to put photos where you want them? Please enlighten me.

This vacation is old news, but I still had to share some of my favorite photos.

Here is the "Flathead Lake Gang." They're a little shady looking I know. I wouldn't want to cross them in an abandoned alley. (actually, Montana doesn't have abandoned alleys, or gangs for that matter.) From Left to Right we have Mckade, Kesler, Avery, Nya, and the back of Sage's head in front. Mckade and Nya are our good friend's Park and Shawna's children. Shawna's parents own arguably the most amazing property in the USA right on Flathead lake. They have done really amazing things to make you never want to leave if you're lucky enough to visit.

Tamra if you're reading this, please don't panic! No children were hurt during this photo.

This is one of the really amazing things the Reeds (Shawna's parents) have done to their lakeside property. They built a "pig pen" to lock up the children. Oh how I miss this pig pen. I didn't feel bad leaving Sage in here because he had the butterfly to keep him company.

Here's Avery and Nya in the boat. They bonded instantly over the fact they both wear glasses and have had to wear a patch on one eye.

We had lots of fun tubing. Shane was the only one to get thrown off. (He claims he did it on purpose.)

Ahhhh so refreshing. Sage had no fear when it came to the water.

Here's another really amazing I-never-wanna-leave-this-place feature. They built this cute little tree house with a little pebble beach for the small kids. The pebbles are so soft they are comfortable to sit on. They moved a ring of large rocks with a back hoe to form a barrier which makes it really safe for the kids to play. To the left of this pictures is an outdoor kitchen with all the works; running water, a grill, and a banquet.

Here we are at pebble beach.

This is lake McDonald in Glacier; equally beautiful, but without the amenities. We went on a bike ride to this lake and snapped a few shots. I love these boats. Chandi, it reminds me of that painting you did.

I love this next grouping of photos. It shows Avery's spastic "I'll do anything if you put me in front of a camera" side. Meanwhile, Kesler is thinking, "take the damn pictures so I can get back to spotting fish." I'm just kidding, Kesler doesn't really swear. (terribly often anyway:)

Off the subject, but Avery is turning into a teenager waaaaay too early.
example #1. The other day Sage broke off the lid to her make up compact. She fixed it and then turned to me and said, "I put it on wicked tight." I have no idea where she picked up that word because Shane and I certainly don't say wicked.
example #2. I was dancing to some music and getting lots of laughs out of Sage, but Avery just looked at me and said, "Mom, could you please stop doing that." It wasn't too long ago that I could get her laughing hysterically too.
example #3. We had a primary party on Saturday to "This is the place" state park. Parents were invited so I planned on attending. When we were getting ready to leave she said "You're coming too?" I said, "Of course, don't you want me too." Suddenly the room got very quiet and she just couldn't look me in the eye. I thought I had a good 6 or 7 years before Avery was too cool for me!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Why do I feel the need to confess this?

I've always been a big reader and usually once I start a book I finish it within 3-4 days max, no matter how big it is. I just have a hard time putting good books down. However, when I picked up Twilight after hearing so much buzz about it, I was a little embarrassed and tried not to let anyone see me checking it out at the library. I just thought, "I can't believe I'm about to read a teenage vampire love story." but 5 days, 3 books, 1800 pages, 2 neglected children, and 1 bewildered husband later, I knew I was a Twilight mom. I know I'm not completely alone in my Twilight addiction, (I have a theory that her books are laced with drugs) because I do have a couple friends who love the books too. In fact tonight one of my friends might be bringing...or shall I say dragging...a date she has tonight to a Barnes and Noble bookstore so she can meet me there for the midnight party. Yes, it's that important. While I was reading it I brought it to a doctor's appointment I had (which I found a very annoying at the time) and even though I tried covering the book so she wouldn't think I was a little cray, she instantly recognized the book and said I wouldn't believe how many woman bring in the series; then she proceeded to have a Twilight book discussion with me and even gushed over the movie and how dorky the actor they chose for Edward is (I have to agree.)

Anyway Breaking Dawn is being released tonight and I just had to share my excitement with everyone!

For those of you who have not read the series yet, here is my advice:

1. Warn your husband in advance that you may not be around for a little while.

2. Have your favorite Pizza delivery place on speed dial, you'll understand once you're started.

3. Thoroughly clean your house and clear all your appointments. Things like laundry and doctor's visits really become a nuisance:)

Now that I've come clean with my Twilight addiction, is there anyone who can relate? Either with my addiction or another? Let's share and get this out in the open.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Montana pix...part1

It is oh so hard to come home after a long and action-packed trip to Montana. Somehow when I posted these pictures they got put out of order...hopefully I'll have that kink fixed by the time I post the next set of Montana pictures, but for now, these are of Saturday July 12, Monday July 14Th and Tuesday July 15Th.

On Monday Night we slept at campground called Spotted Bear. Here we are poking our heads out of the tent before bedtime. It was pretty late, but still light outside. I know in the summer time we are all use to the sun setting late, but in Montana, it can be 11pm and there is still light in the sky. It makes for great summer nights. The flip side is that it gets dark really early in the Winter months.

On Tuesday we went rafting/fishing for about three hours. Shane was in Heaven because He loves to fish...personally, I'd rather watch the grass grow, but rafting makes it much more interesting for someone like me. Avery has a really great time especially when we go over the "rapids" which on this river were really more like ripples, just perfect for a 4 year old.

I would personally like to thank my son Sage for falling asleep in the raft and making this trip far more stress free. The great out doors just aren't quite his thing yet; next summer though....

Avery tried her hand at fishing a couple times but what they really liked was....

throwing rock after endless rock into the river.

She did reel in her own fish a few times. It took a lot of convincing to get her to hold this fish.

My two boys...I can't help but love this picture.

This was actually on Saturday night after we arrived. Austin, Shane's brother, is sort of a barbecue extraordinaire and every trip to Montana he cooks up something really amazing and delicious for us.

Sage really needs a dog. He did not let Kyla our of his sight anytime she was around.
I really like this action shot. Kesler, our nephew, would run away anytime I'd pull the camera out so this is one of the few shots I got without his back to the camera. He warmed up a few days later and let me take his picture.

This picture is dramatically out of order...again camping at spotted bear with Austin, Amy, and their sons Kesler and Bridger.

Did I mention Sage needs a dog?

More of our Montana adventure to come later. Thanks for hanging in there.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Girl's Camp, AKA Death Camp.

Death camp might be an exaggeration, because when I wasn't throwing up and/or running for the latrine, It was a lot of fun. Three of us came down with food poisoning and were pretty much useless for two days (which is the reason I didn't take any pictures.) We have a very small group so about one third of us were sick.
Our stake theme was "More precious than rubies." and our ward theme was "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be." We decided to be pirates which really fits our ward well, you know, living on the West side and all. We made treasure boxes and lockets and stressed filling them with treasures that have immeasurable value.
I took such a long hyades from the blog but I found three long lost friends which has inspired me to be a better blogger...Don't let me get away with being a slacker everyone:)

Monday, April 21, 2008

My one and only

Thanks to Jade's husband tag, I have a good excuse to write about one of my favorite subjects in the- world my Shane!

How did you meet? We met at Ricks. He was in my ward and we eventually be came friends, and after that I couldn't resist his charm.
How long did you date? Dating and engagement time was 1 1/2 years. Mostly long distance.
How old is he? 29
Ever seen anything cuter? I never thought I had until I had two babies. I really can't pick between the three of them. At any given moment, one could be cuter than the others, but then it will change in an instant.
Who eats more? It's not even a contest...Shane could put a sumo wrestler to Shame.
Who said "I love you" first? It was me, only because I was confident in the "I love you return"-name that show.
Who is taller? Shane is taller, but when I wear heals I get pretty close to catching up.
Who sings better? It's funny to me that the the one question they ask happens to be the only thing in the world that I'm better at than Shane. Even he'd admit that.
Whose temper is worse? Neither of us really has a bad temper. If I had to choose, I'd say Shane.
Who does the laundry? Me...when in the world would Shane have time to do laundry?
Who does the dishes? That would also be me.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Anyone else bored by this question?
Who pays the bills? I do. It sort of gives me a rush. Is that weird?
Who mows the lawn? I think his name is Eduardo. We live in a condo so it's done for us. But if Shane could, he would do it. He loves to do yard work...Is that weird too?
Who cooks dinner? Shane most of the time. He happens to love it and for that I am blessed. He is probably the best cook I know.
Who drives when you are together? Shane
Who is the most stubborn? Shane
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Always Shane, I'm horrible at admitting it. Maybe that makes me more stubborn.
Whose parents do you see the most? Mine because we live so close, and because his parents now live in Russia.
Who proposed? Shane planned one of the most romantic proposals ever. I think we all know the story. We were celebrities for the next three days in the little town of Nauvoo.
Who has more friends? Definitely Shane. I don't know a more friendly person. There's no one he couldn't make friends with.
Who is smarter? Definitely Shane on any given subject, except maybe singing-his Achilles heal.
What does he love to do? Anything outdoors. Running, mountain climbing, skiing, Gardening, cooking and listening to NPR.
Who has more siblings? There are 5 kids in his family and 6 in mine..I'll let you do the math:)
I know what everyone's thinking... I don't deserve him and maybe I don't, but let's not let him in on that.
I tag anyone who reads this. Just copy and past the questions and erase my answers.