Monday, April 21, 2008

My one and only

Thanks to Jade's husband tag, I have a good excuse to write about one of my favorite subjects in the- world my Shane!

How did you meet? We met at Ricks. He was in my ward and we eventually be came friends, and after that I couldn't resist his charm.
How long did you date? Dating and engagement time was 1 1/2 years. Mostly long distance.
How old is he? 29
Ever seen anything cuter? I never thought I had until I had two babies. I really can't pick between the three of them. At any given moment, one could be cuter than the others, but then it will change in an instant.
Who eats more? It's not even a contest...Shane could put a sumo wrestler to Shame.
Who said "I love you" first? It was me, only because I was confident in the "I love you return"-name that show.
Who is taller? Shane is taller, but when I wear heals I get pretty close to catching up.
Who sings better? It's funny to me that the the one question they ask happens to be the only thing in the world that I'm better at than Shane. Even he'd admit that.
Whose temper is worse? Neither of us really has a bad temper. If I had to choose, I'd say Shane.
Who does the laundry? Me...when in the world would Shane have time to do laundry?
Who does the dishes? That would also be me.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Anyone else bored by this question?
Who pays the bills? I do. It sort of gives me a rush. Is that weird?
Who mows the lawn? I think his name is Eduardo. We live in a condo so it's done for us. But if Shane could, he would do it. He loves to do yard work...Is that weird too?
Who cooks dinner? Shane most of the time. He happens to love it and for that I am blessed. He is probably the best cook I know.
Who drives when you are together? Shane
Who is the most stubborn? Shane
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Always Shane, I'm horrible at admitting it. Maybe that makes me more stubborn.
Whose parents do you see the most? Mine because we live so close, and because his parents now live in Russia.
Who proposed? Shane planned one of the most romantic proposals ever. I think we all know the story. We were celebrities for the next three days in the little town of Nauvoo.
Who has more friends? Definitely Shane. I don't know a more friendly person. There's no one he couldn't make friends with.
Who is smarter? Definitely Shane on any given subject, except maybe singing-his Achilles heal.
What does he love to do? Anything outdoors. Running, mountain climbing, skiing, Gardening, cooking and listening to NPR.
Who has more siblings? There are 5 kids in his family and 6 in mine..I'll let you do the math:)
I know what everyone's thinking... I don't deserve him and maybe I don't, but let's not let him in on that.
I tag anyone who reads this. Just copy and past the questions and erase my answers.


Chandi said...

I LOVED reading this. From what I have seen and know Shane is an amazing guy. I really do wish that I knew him better. I am happy that you are happy in love.

mom/caryn said...

I love this husband tag thing.... I hope everyone else does it!

Thankee kindly, Carrie, for telling us a little more about your super cool, super good looking, super daddy, cook, athelete, hubby. I think he got exactly who he deserved... and more importantly, he got exacttly who he wanted.

You've got an adorable family that brings your parents a lot of joy!

Jade said...

You don't deserve him? Ha! He scored on a wife just as much as you scored on him for a husband.

Natalie said...

you are a hoot! I didn't know you dated for 11 years...just kidding! I just couldn't tell what you wrote there. WE love you guys...and Shane's parents now live in Russia? yikes!

cali said...

Hooray I love it! you guys are so darling and it was fun to read your cuteness about shane! i sure do like you both and am sure glad you are in my family!

The Adventures of Dave & Jac Black Family said...

Even though I've known him as long as you've been married (plus 1 1/2 years), it's fun to learn more about him and your relationship. You snagged a great one!

Lynley said...

Who has better hair? - Carrie.
I remember the first time I met Shane- at the rabbit hutches in BYU on that healthy shag brown carpet. He chose to sit on the ground, at your feet. His adoration for you was so thick, you could've spread it like honey. But back to the better hair statement, the Shane back then had intense, bleached-bleached blonde hair, like a California beach boy. I don't know whatever happened to that days of youth hairdo, but that's my first memory.

Shane is a great cook. I know our family loves when he cooks something up for us, which he does all the time. But doing dishes is definitely manual labor, so what a great team.

See you guys in July.

erin said...

CARRIE!! I found you! Its me ERIN!! (ricks baby) How the heck are you? I swear you are the cutest. Congrats on the two kiddys. Last time we talked you just had the one. I guess its been too long. YOu are so fun. IF i dont hear from you in a couple of days Im gonna keep writing until i hear from you. hahaha.

kat and jason said...

OH MY GOSH> i came home (from a trip) and was excited b/c lori told me erin found your blog and i wanted to find it. and b4 i knew it---you left me a comment already!!! i love you. you look amazing too. your kids are adorable. so, you have a girl and boy. i'm so jealous. we have 2 girls and jason is going crazy without a boy to play with. i love the pics of lisas wedding!! i talked to her a little bit ago, but couldn't make the wedding. hey-where are you guys living now--what part of utah?? i'm in las vegas now. yeah, who would have thought!! so, i still have a bro in utah ---i'll be up there in no time and we can hang out. or--if you ever want a trip to sin city---you guys have a place to stay!!! can't wait to see more of your pics!

Jade said...

It's been awhile since we have gotten and NEW "News from the Hughs" :)

JonandLo said...

Hello my long lost roomie. You know Kat and Erin and I often wondered about our MIA roomies..I'm so glad she found you =) Blogs are wonderful huh..absolutely love them! You don't look old enough to have 2 kids by the way..not to mention you are still as skinny and beautiful as ever. I think Shane is a very lucky guy. Take care and I'm excited to stay in touch! Does Lisa have a blog? If not, can you make her start one?