Saturday, October 10, 2009

My new love: Goody bags

My sister-in-law Anna, aka super runner,(Really, she came in fourth overall) managed the impossible today...

She convinced me to run a 5K.

I see that the above picture mentions a 5K walk, so I would just like to take this time to clear any confusion and say that I DID run. Thank you.

Below is Tracy, (Anna's sister-in-law) me, and co. at the finish line with our mini pumpkins they handed out instead of trophy's. I'd take a mini pumpkin anyday.

It was definitly worth it for the grab bag: TWO running shirts, pedometer, Hale Center Theater tickets and chap stick. Now that I know 5K's really aren't that scary, maybe I'll run a few more.

On the way home Shane you can run a 10K!!! YEAH RIGHT is all I have to say.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shampoo Free

I've always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. My problems are no volume and too greasy. I found this blog on treating your hair in a natural way and I think I might give it a try. It's really fascinating and informative. My mom has told me for years and years that baking soda and Vinegar are the best ingredients for your hair, and this blogger has researched why they are so great for your hair and gives other ideas like honey, herbs, avacado and more. If you want to save money or are like me and need hair help, check out this's really informative: