Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Update #1
Ryan flew to Dubai and has been home for awhile. Last Saturday I finally got to talk to him about his trip. He said it was the most intense experience of his life. It sounded pretty grueling and rigorous and Ryan narrowly missed coming in first place by only a matter of a few points. For those of you who know Ryan, he's got some serious people skills and I'm sure he charmed the socks off the judges. The woman who won is a Canadian with Middle Eastern ties and knew several languages which understandably gave her an edge over Ryan. They were hounded by the media in Dubai and Ryan said right now he's a major super star in Dubai, then he added that won't get him anywhere here. (not that he wants to be a super star.) We keep bugging him to apply for Survivor or Amazing Race, but I don't think that's enough adventure for him.

Update #2
Our house projects have been put on hold until we can finish the yard which is undergoing a drastic transformation right now. We've cut down about 50 trees from the front and back yard. I know 50 sounds like a lot, but trust me, there are still PLENTY of trees. It's extremely rare to live in Utah and have a house with so many trees, and we are so grateful for the shade they will provide in the summer time. We've undertaken some pretty big jobs and I keep asking Shane to take off a few day so we can get it done. Hopefully soon I'll have some before and afters.

Update #3
I really dreading admitting this, but unfortunately my orange swimsuit never made it out of the suitcase in Cancun. The weather was unseasonably cool in Cancun so there was very little relaxing on the beach or next to the pool in my swimsuit. I went swimming a couple times to go snorkeling and then to a beach next to some beautiful Mayan ruins, but both times called for a comfortable forgiving swimsuit, not a stiff awkward retro swimsuit. I'll have to test her out another time.

We are loving Spring and I'm really looking forward to school being over so we can start our summertime adventures!