Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving in the woods.

Call me crazy, but I love watching my husband chop wood! There's something about it that reminds me why I fell in love with my mountain man.

If you think this is silly, make your husband chop some wood and see if it works for you too!

Okay, now it's my turn. It took me at least a hundred swings just to chop one piece. I was ridiculously slow, but by the time I was done I was too warm to start a fire.

Honestly, chopping wood is quite addicting. I thought I would have really swore arms and back muscles the next day but to my surprise, only my thumbs were sore...who knew?

Wood choppers in training. What, you don't let your children play with large axes that are as big as they are?

This is Shane's Grandma. Easily the warmest, friendliest person I know. She has a really neat house and she and her son make famous apple cider. She's 88 years old and she has this really neat adult size tricycle that she gets out and rides. It's so much fun to visit Grammer.

I promised a hunting report, so here you go. This is Shane's best friend Park. He shot the only and only animal the whole trip. Notice he's using a branch to mimic an antler. This deer only has one antler and apparently in the hunting world this is a major embarrassment. Shane and his other friend couldn't stop making fun of him the entire trip. According to them, it would have been better to have nothing rather than a deer with only one antler. And all this time I thought it was about the meet.
Moving on, We had a really fantastic and delicious Thanksgiving feast at Amy and Austin's house. My only disappointment is that we didn't have any any Turkey's visit us this year. Every year we have flocks of turkeys roaming the yard, but this year they stayed away. I guess they know Mark and Tamra won't be around for awhile. (They're on a mission in Russia.)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Worst Movie Ever!

Okay maybe that's a little strong in describing Twilight, but if the shoe fits....Anyway, Shane was lucky enough to not have to sit through it with me because his saving grace, my sister-in-law, Amy called to see if I wanted to see the movie with her and some of her friends in Montana. We rolled in to Montana at about 11:30 and went directly to the theater for opening night. I laughed during the movie, but not during the parts that were suppose to be funny. So many odd angles and camera shots and really weird acting. The actor who played Edward was so....awkward. I saw him on Jay Leno a couple nights later and he was even weirder then. Heidi Klum was making fun of his hair and Jay Leno said he looked homeless. It was pretty funny. Anyway, I still like the books, but if they want a successful sequel, they'll have to fire the director and the actor who played Edward and put a lot more dough into the movie. On a positive note, the actress who played Bella did a really good job.