Friday, July 17, 2009

Beautiful You Makeup.

My talented sister-in-law, Cali, is striking up her own career as a make-up artist. She does a very beautiful job so I thought I'd giver her a shout-out. Also, if you click on her web address, and click on "before and after," you might recognize a couple of people.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Short update

We sold our condo a few weeks ago and have moved in with my mom and dad for the time being. I think this also means I will be putting my blog on hold until we can set up our own computer and get our own internet. I guess I can post a few random updates, but it's just not the same without pictures, and I'm pretty sure my parents don't want all my pics downloaded onto their computer... I mean they love me and all, but I thinking moving in with them is where they draw the line:) I will still be looking at all my wonderful friends and families blogs however.

Happy Summer everyone.