Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is where we live.

We officially have our condo up for sale. This is a leap of faith for the Hughes family because we don't actually have anywhere to move to. Despite that minor detail, something has to be done so we're taking matters into our hands. Since our house is decluttered and clean for the first time in three years, I thought I'd post the pictures of our beautifully remodeled, move-in ready, 2bdrm 1bathrm 1060sq ft with lots of storage and a beautiful view condo.

You know, just in case you might know someone.

Shane's brother has a real estate license and because he is a good big brother and also astutely interested in the well fare of his niece and nephew, has offered is expertise in selling places to sell our place.

View from our private balcony. Yes, those are tennis courts and basketball courts you're looking at, not a prison yard. Repeat, tennis and bball courts, not prison yard.

We put a lot of work into this kitchen. And by we, I think we all know I mean Shane. The slate floors look really beautiful although you can't really appreciate them in this picture.

These are my famous turquoise walls. Either you luv em' or you hate em'. I luv em'.

Dining room. Yes I'll throw in the vase of Tulips if buy this place!! So you better hurry before they die.

Shane' s favorite piece of furniture in the whole house! wink, wink. He hates this couch, but in my defense it makes the room look enormous.

See the armoire, I'm sitting there right this moment typing this very word. The art work above the fireplace is my favorite accessory in the house. It says, "It'll cost nothing to dream, and everything not to." with a tall glass of iced lemonade. The artwork above the sofa in the previous photo says, "Share a random moment." with a picture of two cups of coffee. (Sorry if the coffee offends anyone. Well, not really.)

Here is the spare bedroom, which in our case is the master bedroom. It's just too small for our two kids to sleep and play, so they got the "actual" master bedroom. (Feel free to nominate us for parents of the year.)

Here's the kid's/"actual" master bedroom. You would think that giant sized bunny on Avery's be would scare my kids, but it doesn't.

Last, but most important, El Bano.
I know that this doesn't look like the place of someone who has an associates degree in Interior Design, but one day, when I get over my obsessive compulsive behavior to save money rather than spend it (which some people confuse with being "cheap") I will have the home of my dreams. At which point you may still think it does not look like the home of someone with an associates degree in interior design.
Thank you and have a lovely day.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Snow Canyon and Zions pictures

I love Snow Canyon. You're surrounded by 360 degrees of red rock. Here's our camp ground.

This is more of Angel's landing:

It's hard to take a bad shot in Southern Utah.

Oops...How did this get in here. That's awkward.

I just can't handle the cuteness

Are there any Mothers out there who can relate?

These switchbacks are called Walter's Wiggles. I just love that name.

This little contraption allows us to go on better bike rides. We got a lot of rubber neckers while we were out riding.

Even his grumpy face is adorable.

More cuteness that I just can't handle. These next pictures were taken at the sand dunes in Snow Canyon. The sand was so soft and wonderful, I wanted to bury my hands and feet in it all day. It felt like a manicure and foot massage.

What's a day at the sand dunes if you can't dig a large hole. Go ahead and try NOT to do it. I dare you.

Please consider this next photo your Christmas card. We are all doing very well. Merry Christmas.