Friday, April 3, 2009

Snow Canyon and Zions pictures

I love Snow Canyon. You're surrounded by 360 degrees of red rock. Here's our camp ground.

This is more of Angel's landing:

It's hard to take a bad shot in Southern Utah.

Oops...How did this get in here. That's awkward.

I just can't handle the cuteness

Are there any Mothers out there who can relate?

These switchbacks are called Walter's Wiggles. I just love that name.

This little contraption allows us to go on better bike rides. We got a lot of rubber neckers while we were out riding.

Even his grumpy face is adorable.

More cuteness that I just can't handle. These next pictures were taken at the sand dunes in Snow Canyon. The sand was so soft and wonderful, I wanted to bury my hands and feet in it all day. It felt like a manicure and foot massage.

What's a day at the sand dunes if you can't dig a large hole. Go ahead and try NOT to do it. I dare you.

Please consider this next photo your Christmas card. We are all doing very well. Merry Christmas.


Natalie said...

So, first off, thank you for the early Christmas card! Woah, you are really ahead of things this year...and I love that bike thing on Shane's bike! That is totally fab. The trip looked way fun. It looks like a great place for kids too.

Chandi said...

We have some fabulous shots in the sand at snow canyon ourselves.

I have seen those attachments for bikes and think they look wonderful. I actually had a dream the other night and in the dream we were out riding and had ones of those. Believe it! It's true!

mom/caryn said...

I didn't get a card last year... So I figure you're late. But, it's REALLY cute, so you're forgiven!

How come you guys aren't out having fun? No need to stick around the house cleaning up pbj messes when you could be out riding bikes, and hiking, and playing in the warm Southern Utah sand... Ahhhh, to be young again.

You're right about the cuteness. I'd say the cute quotient is off the charts.

Trina said...

Oh Southern Utah! Looks like so much fun! We're off this weekend to Kanab and Antelope Canyon, Yippee! Hey thanks for the Christmas card, it's darling!

Lynley said...

I LOVE Angel's Landing. The last time we hiked it was when I was 5 months pregnant with Kaite. Todd had Jack on his back... and we didn't stop at the steep parts. (brag brag brag- or is that stupidity?) I'll tell you what... I miss Easter in Southern Utah. I will always miss it.

And quit kissing in public- ewweee.

Jade said...

Oh man I am aching for souther Utah! Looks like so much fun!

Jade said...

Hey I never got a Christmas card!

Jenna said...

Care bear,

I think we ought to make Snow Canyon our destination for the Stott reunion when it's Bob and Deanie's turn to host. Man Oh Man am I jealous of you guys. I sure do miss Southern Utah in the spring. My children are deprived and they don't even know it! I'm afraid they are going to grow-up thinking Angel's Landing must be some sort of strip mall.

Your kids are sure cute and I wish we could see more of them. One day we'll all be rich and spending our summers together in the various homesteads we own coast to coast. sigh.

The Stott's said...

Oh that makes us miss Utah even more! How fun! Sorry to disappoint we didn't eat the octopus! You have such a neat happy little family! Miss you all!