Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gluttons for Punishment...

Yep, that's us; Gluttons for punishment. At least that's what my Brother-in-law Ryan kindly pointed out to us when he saw our new home sweet home. Okay, Ryan's not the only one to tactfully tell us our house is a fixer upper. Other phrases I've heard people utter are are:
"loaded with potential" (a nicer way of pointing out all the hard work.)
"Oh Boy." (a noncommittal response.)
Or just plain silence. (If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.)

To be fair, most of these I heard coming from Shane or myself.

Yea, Shane and I weren't oblivious to the shape of the house when we bought. We decided we were up to the challenge because we're hoping to add a lot of equity with our reno projects. Speaking of our reno projects, would you like to see our to-do list?

Total kitchen gut
Major landscaping projects that will require the use of a bulldozer
Refinishing hardwood floors
Adding two bedrooms, a bathroom and a family room to the unfinished basement .
Carport conversion
New windows throughout the whole house

Oh look at the happy family. Will they still be smiling in a few months? Who can say.

The silver lining to the house is that the existing 1.5 baths are REALLY beautiful. I love them. Here is the .5 bath in the master bedroom.

And here's the full bath. I love this slate tile!

We also love that there is not a stitch of carpet in this house. It has the original hardwood floors throughout the home. The back room in this picture is an addition. It will be impossible to exactly match the hardwood floors without spending a small fortune, so we will be putting down travertine tiles in that room.

This kitchen no longer exists. All the cabinets have been ripped out (and saved for the laundry and storage rooms.) They needed to go; it was the right thing to do. Our new cabinets should be arriving any day now!

As you can see, the exterior could use some major curb appeal.

Oh boy, we are gluttons for punishment. At least the house has potential. Right....right? Anybody there?