Friday, March 27, 2009

Avery and Shane's Bedtime Conversation Last Night.

Before bedtime last night Shane was explaining the reason he hadn't been able to play with Avery that night.

Shane: I'm sorry I couldn't play with you tonight. I was working on some things on the computer so we can have enough money in the future. (he was setting up a retirement account.)

Avery: So you can send me to college?

Shane: Ummm...yeah.

Avery: So I can become the next president of the United States?

Watch out Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, and Mit Romney! She is definitely sassy enough.


J.Frey said...

Yes! Go Avery! I love her confidence!

Jade said...

Cute! She's definitely got my vote! I miss you Care! I hope we can get together this summer. Member the summers of our youth? I was so lucky to have a cousin like you live so close to me.

Todd said...

Can Eli be her Secretary of War (he prefers the old school title). He's ready right away.

Chandi said...

3 words to Avery.......Go Get Em!!!

JonandLo said...

too cute...i want to meet this little sassy girl!

Lynley said...

Shane is so lucky. He has the perfect in-laws!