Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Avery took these pictures.

The world according to a four year old:
Author's note: I'm not usually this cheesy in photographs, but Avery was really cranky after hiking 2 miles uphill and I was trying my hardest to cheer her up. Thank you.

On her next photography lesson, I'll teach her about not cutting the tops of heads off.

Oh wait, she's doing better already.

Okay maybe not. Here's me trying to be cool...but not really succeeding.

We had a lot of fun and I'll post more photos of Snow Canyon and our hike up Angels Landing at a later date. (For those of you who have hiked Angel's Landing and are freaking out about taking 4 and 2 year old children on such a dangerous hike, don't worry, we stopped before the death defying steep stuff.)


Alisha said...

You look exactly the same as you did in high school! Still tall beautiful & skinny.

P.S. You spelled my name wrong in the blog list :(

Carrie and Shane said...

I'll fix that right away.

Alisha said...


anniebugs said...

What a great trip. It was good to get the kids together and see everyone. I love Avery's pictures. Zadia does about the same quality, execpt see likes to take pictures of bums. We sure miss you!!!!

mom/caryn said...

Stopping before the death defying steep stuff is more than your dad and Uncle Wayne ever did. They just marched you kids right along..

And are you going to fix the spelling of Alisha's name? Or being tall, beautiful and skinny?
I'm confused...

I don't know if you succeeded in getting Avery to smile... but, you vertainly brought one to my day.

J Black said...

I would like to see and hear more about Snow Canyon and Angels Landing. Remember the year when we reached the top they were having a wedding?

Todd said...

I'm guessing we'd get a big chewing out for Lynley going up Angel's Landing 6 months pregnant with Kaite and Jack on my back at a spritely 14 months old. His cousin Maggie was on her dad's back as well. We got some pretty sour looks from people coming down as we passed them on the chain accompanied last few switchbacks before the peak. Think that is why Jack has an anti-fear of heights.

. . . regardless Angels Landing . . . such good memories . . . Washington needs some red rock. And keep Avery Adams (er Hughes) crackin' on the daguerreotypes . . . she's a natural.