Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happiness Tag.

My Aunt Caryn tagged me to make a list of six things that make me happy and I've actually been thinking about it for a long time.

1. Trampolines make me happy. Except when I see the new trampolines with the nets all the way around them. Even though I know they are necessary and have saved many broken bones and even lives (I remember my sister doing a back flip on the tramp and knocking me off even though I thought I was safe because I was sitting on the bars.) but It makes me sad that this generation can never play a game of dodge ball-Arnell rules. So, when I see a trampoline that has no net around it, I get the uncontrollable urge to jump on it. There are very few left and the ones that are left are at least 20 years old. Dangerous you say? No just extra bouncy.

2. Shopping and buying new things makes me happy-superficial I know. (As long as I know when to stop.)

3. Birthday cards make me happy. I just had a birthday and my family always sends really thoughtful birthday messages. I'm really not one who needs presents, or really even that much recognition on my birthday (as long as my hubby remembers) but my family always sends extremely thoughtful bday cards. The best part about it is they're usually a week to 2 weeks late which means my birthday lasts for 2 weeks.

4. The upcoming daylight savings will make me very happy. Even though we loose an hour of sleep, I'll gladly take if for the hour of gained sunlight.

5. My husband's cooking makes me happy. He is truly a culinary genius and he should definitely open a restaurant. Last night he made this really delicious Mahi Mahi (the fish so good they named it twice.) with an apple salsa laid on a bed of yummy lime and cilantro rice with asparagus prongs to top it off. He doesn't just cook a meal, he has to have an amazing presentation to go along with it. By the way, who thinks of apple salsa? Not me, but it was really delicious. I think I'll start taking pictures of his dinners and posting them so you can know for sure I'm not making this up.

6. Watching my children play together makes me happy. You know that wonderful five minutes before they start fighting. Today Avery tied a scarf loosely around her neck and gave the other end to Sage so he could "walk her" like a dog. I could watch that all day long. Too bad it doesn't last too long before I have to become referee.

7. Listening to music makes me happy. It's the only way to get through a day of house work. My new favorite song to listen to is "Lucky" by Colby Collet and Jason Miraz. I'd love to hear your favorite songs....

8. Reading makes me happy. It's the only think I'm consistently really good at. Yes, dropping everything just to finish a book is something I do really well, just ask Shane. I know a book is good if I dream about it and if while I'm reading that book, somehow everything in my life relates back to the book some how. I just read the "These Is My Words." trilogy and I felt like I was living in the Old West trying to tame the landscape. This book is a must read!

9. Lastly, that 2-4 weeks out of the year when I decide I should exercise again makes me happy.

Thanks for the tag Aunt Caryn! It's been really fun thinking of things that make me happy and I think I'll revisit this tag and add to my list from time to time. For anyone willing to take up the challenge, You're suppose to think of 6 thinks that make you happy. I highly recommend it!


Natalie said...

I found in this list a lot of the reasons why were are good friends...You can come to my house any day of the week and jump on my dangerous trampoline, Shane CooKs?!? Well that is awesome. Something I don't think Mark will ever do. AND I loved These is my words! Yeah, love you girl!!

Chandi said...

Sounds like Shane and Dustin should be doing the cooking at the Stott reunion this summer. :)

I have read "These is my Words" I liked it a lot.

Trina said...

Oh good a new book to add to my "must read" list. I'm always looking for one. I love your things that make me happy, and I'm going to really think about it, the hard part will be limiting it to 5 or 6.

Trina said...

Happy belated birthday Care Bear! Love ya!

mom/caryn said...

I knew it!! I just knew your list would be ever so much fun!! It's kind of a cool exercise to think about some specific things that bring on the smiles...