Friday, March 13, 2009

My man is 30!

Yes that's right, Shane turned the big 3-0 yesterday and we had a lot of fun celebrating. I met him at work with the kids, balloons and presents and we went to lunch at the Nauvoo Cafe since he works across the street. Later that night we had Craig and Kimber over for Dinner of BBQ ribs and pineapple upside down cake. (I know what some of you are thinking and the answer is no, I did not make Shane make his own birthday dinner, although he probably would have liked to.) His other birthday present is a Jazz game that we'll be going to on the 24th. Soooo, if anyone would like to get Shane a birthday present, we will be needing babysitting on the 24th:).
Something unusual about Shane many people don't know is that Shane is the LUCKIEST person I know. I'm not a superstitious person, but Shane was born in March and March is known for being a lucky month. Here are a few examples:
Once he bought a pair of pants from Costco and when he got home there was two dollars in the pocket.
Another time we were staying at a hotel in Mesquite and we decided to spend 5$ playing the slot machines. (We try to live life on the edge whenever possible) I lost all my money and he doubled his.
Still again, he was biking up City Creek Canyon and he found an IPOD. He asked everyone he saw if they'd lost an IPOD, but nobody claimed it and when we took it home it wasn't registered to anybody, so to make a long story short...the IPOD is now mine! (I guess I was the lucky one on that.)
Here is a list of things Shane has won from various drawings:
A trip to the Zermott
Ski passes
A Smith backpack (Smith is his favorite skiing label)
I'm glad I married him so I can bask in his lucky ways. Truthfully I'm the lucky one for finding the most perfect person for me. (sorry for the mushiness.)


Chandi said...

We like the Mush!!!! Shane must put out a good vibe. Happy Birthday Shane.

Jeffrey Stott said...

Happy Birthday Shaney poo! If only he could use some of that luck to beat me in badmitton...

JonandLo said...

I had a lucky streak for about 2 years...sadly it has ended and I'm back to being unlucky. Happy bday to your hubby..30 doesn't seem old to me anymore seeing as it is right around the corner for me

J Black said...

I'm pretty sure the luckiest gift Shane ever received was my famous mint popcorn!

Shane definetly sends and receives great karma.

mom/caryn said...

30???? Another ten years and he'll be on the down side of the hill. Nah... That's not true. I'm pushin 70 and still feeling like I could tap dance my way to the malt shop.

You know what? I'd say that you're both pretty darn lucky. You're living a mighty good life together!

Lynley said...

Shane, you don't look a day over 29! Just the other day, I was talking about what an Iron Man Triathalon was (pure insanity) and Jackson immediately was like, "how many has uncle Shane done?- like 20?" Apparently, Jack thinks you MIGHTY SHANE.

Happy Happy Birthday!