Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Girl's Camp, AKA Death Camp.

Death camp might be an exaggeration, because when I wasn't throwing up and/or running for the latrine, It was a lot of fun. Three of us came down with food poisoning and were pretty much useless for two days (which is the reason I didn't take any pictures.) We have a very small group so about one third of us were sick.
Our stake theme was "More precious than rubies." and our ward theme was "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be." We decided to be pirates which really fits our ward well, you know, living on the West side and all. We made treasure boxes and lockets and stressed filling them with treasures that have immeasurable value.
I took such a long hyades from the blog but I found three long lost friends which has inspired me to be a better blogger...Don't let me get away with being a slacker everyone:)


JonandLo said...

You poor thing!! Food poisoning...makes for a LONG girls camp..can't imagine. We have camp in another month, but sadly I can't go. I have to work =( So bummed though..I absolutely love YW and love our girls.

JonandLo said...

And no...we won't let you get away with being a slacker!

bigskyboys said...

Gee Carrie, it's been so long I almost missed your post. Also, take note I am leaving you a comment so you know I was here! Sorry you got sick at camp. Girls camp is hard enough without all the extras. Shane did mention that he really, really appreciates you after staying home for a couple days with the kids, so at least something positive was acheived. Kesler is counting the days until you guys arrive in MT. See you soon.

mom/caryn said...

I think the themes (both Stake and Ward) would have been such fun to play with!! Even more fun, I'm sure, if you could have enjoyed it without having your head in a bucket and your "tuher end" semi permenantly attached to the john.

We've all noticed that you've been missing in action. Now that I'm re-assured that there was no reason to worry about you, I'll definitely be cracking the whip more.

Heeyah! Get your fingers on that keyboard and keep us "posted". We all love your stories!!

Elise said...

ARRRGH! Sorry you were sick at girls camp, I don't think there's much worse than food poisioning, and while camping made it a whole new dimension of worse I'm sure.
I bet you're a fantastic YW Leader Carrie!
Keep the posts coming!

Viewmont High 2000 said...

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Alisha said...

Carrie! I'm was so glad when I saw your name on the VHS blog! I've wondered where you ended up. You look great! I'd love to hear from you. You can check out my blog but I'm currently on hospital bed rest with twins. I find out tonight if I have them this week or go home until they come. Glad you're doing well!