Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Montana pix...part1

It is oh so hard to come home after a long and action-packed trip to Montana. Somehow when I posted these pictures they got put out of order...hopefully I'll have that kink fixed by the time I post the next set of Montana pictures, but for now, these are of Saturday July 12, Monday July 14Th and Tuesday July 15Th.

On Monday Night we slept at campground called Spotted Bear. Here we are poking our heads out of the tent before bedtime. It was pretty late, but still light outside. I know in the summer time we are all use to the sun setting late, but in Montana, it can be 11pm and there is still light in the sky. It makes for great summer nights. The flip side is that it gets dark really early in the Winter months.

On Tuesday we went rafting/fishing for about three hours. Shane was in Heaven because He loves to fish...personally, I'd rather watch the grass grow, but rafting makes it much more interesting for someone like me. Avery has a really great time especially when we go over the "rapids" which on this river were really more like ripples, just perfect for a 4 year old.

I would personally like to thank my son Sage for falling asleep in the raft and making this trip far more stress free. The great out doors just aren't quite his thing yet; next summer though....

Avery tried her hand at fishing a couple times but what they really liked was....

throwing rock after endless rock into the river.

She did reel in her own fish a few times. It took a lot of convincing to get her to hold this fish.

My two boys...I can't help but love this picture.

This was actually on Saturday night after we arrived. Austin, Shane's brother, is sort of a barbecue extraordinaire and every trip to Montana he cooks up something really amazing and delicious for us.

Sage really needs a dog. He did not let Kyla our of his sight anytime she was around.
I really like this action shot. Kesler, our nephew, would run away anytime I'd pull the camera out so this is one of the few shots I got without his back to the camera. He warmed up a few days later and let me take his picture.

This picture is dramatically out of order...again camping at spotted bear with Austin, Amy, and their sons Kesler and Bridger.

Did I mention Sage needs a dog?

More of our Montana adventure to come later. Thanks for hanging in there.


Tanner and Jennie Frey said...

Carrie, Your kids are so cute! I can't believe you have a 4 year old! Looks like you had a fun trip and I am impressed you were camping with two litte kids. I found your blog on the VHS blog. I'm excited we can keep in touch better now!

anniebugs said...

We are officially jealous about your trip to Montana and seeing Austin and Amy. We wish we could have been there to crash the party. But hey we can have our own party in Utah, so get ready, here we come. :)

D&J Black said...

I soooo wish we could have come to Montana as we had planned. Seeing your pics makes me anxious to get out in the great outdoors, preferably Montana. Glad you had a great time!

Chandi said...

I really need to make it back to Montana someday.

I love love love the picture of Avery fishing by the river. It is so picturesque. The cloud in the sky looks fake.

mom/caryn said...

Wonderful pix!! In order - out of order, who cares? They're great!

I hope you young'ns keep on making these beautiful memories! They are what makes the "declining" years so precious.

Jade said...

Carrie these are such fun pictures. I CANNOT WAIT to go to MT. Oh and Tate needs a dog too. Kylee is his favorite thing in all the universe.

Ok I feel really bad I haven't called you yet but tomorrow isn't going to work for me anymore. There are so many millions of things going on this last week before we leave. Will next Monday work or even this Friday or Saturday?

erin said...

What a fun fun trip! I love to camp as long as I'm 100% there are no bears. The rafting looks so fun. What a FUN FAMILY!!!

Doug & Shayla said...

Your kids are so cute! We should try to get together sometime.

Elise said...

Carrie, I'm afraid to show Bren these pictures, he would be so so jealous! BBQ, fishing, camping, the dog...it's like his heaven!
I think we should move to Montana.
I love that Avery wants to fish by herself, and that she'll actually touch the fish she reeled in! You go girl!
What a fun trip, I wish we lived closer, we would love to hang out with you guys, you're such a fun family!

Lynley said...

I love to see these pictures, but it makes me sad that Avery and Sage weren't throwing rocks by Kaite and Addy! We should've been there! So wish gas prices hadn't gone to hell in a handbasket.

I'm glad you are keeping up on the blog.

Trina said...

Carrie your family is so beautiful! It looks like a great time in Montana. I really wanted to go there this summer. Oh well, maybe next year. I'm glad you blog so I can see you guys once in a while. Keep on blogging! Love ya! Trina