Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama for president.

For the first time in a long time the country has two men at the head of their respective party who in my opinion are decent (I use that term loosely with politicians) respectable men. Having said that, I have definitely made up my mind to vote for Barack Obama. Last night's debate really sealed the deal for me. Of course he's not perfect and I don't agree with all of his policies, but of the two men, I think he's the best. He said his #1 top proirity is the enviroment and I just wanted to shout "Amen!" because the environment is related to so much of what's wrong with our country right now. A few examples:

Investing in alternative energy would generate new jobs galore...and not just in oil rich states like Texas. Utah would do so well to invest in Solar and Wind Energy. Every state in the union has resources of some sort that could create evenness and fairness in the energy circus. Right now the oil tycoons have so much power and influence over not just Washington but the whole world!...and John McCain wants to create more power and greed by drilling our oceans and our last frontier, Alaska? I can't think of anything more crazy.

The real way to win against terrorists in my very humble opinion is to take away their oil money. So many wars have been related to oil...even WWII. Now we have the Iraqi war and the Georgian conlfict that are surprise surprise...related to oil. If that scripture were written today, I believe it would read. "the love of oil is the root of all evil."

Americans would be healthier with cleaner air and maybe our health care system would be a little less burdened. Right now there are certain days when our own children can't play outside because the air is so filthy. It's definitly a problem when we are told by doctors NOT to excercise outdoors because it's more detrimental to your health.
In general, I found Obama more cordial, gentlemanly and less condescending than John McCain.
Okay...I'm finished with my soap box. And there are many more reasons I'm voting for Barack Obama, but My children won't allow me that much time on the computer. I realize many people who read this will completely disagree with my support of Barack Obama and will want to teach me a thing or two, but I'm okay with that...this is America after all!


mom/caryn said...

You're right. I disagree with you completely. NOT that I really like McCain, but I have fewer doubts about his honesty. I respect his record in both the military and the Senate, and appreciate his willingness to listen to strong, MORAL, intelligent, PATRIOTIC men and women as advisors. I don't see that pattern in Obama's past, or current choice of associates. I also am a little nervous about Obama's stance on abortion,(scary)taxation, (scary) redistribution (scary) and government's role in making decisions pertinant to the future of my children and grandchildren.(really scary) I also don't trust his running mate. But, that's a side issue, as I don't think we'll ever see either Vice Presidential candidate seated behind the desk in the Oval Office.

BUT... more important than how I feel about either McCain or Obama. I am so pleased that you've taken an interest in the disappointing political arena, and are going to exercise your right and responsibility to vote.
Atta girl!!!!

anniebugs said...

Yeah - another supporter of Obama. I agree with you 100%. We need CHANGE!!!!

J.Frey etc. said...

Carrie, I am still torn. I actually don't like either candidates. I don't like Obama from a moral point of view, and I don't like McCain because I don't think he'll bring the change that we need. So, I am still undecided. But, I am glad that your brought this up and are willing to discuss it.

Another issue I have with McCain is Sarah Palin...but that's a completely different discussion...

Alisha said...

Way to be bold Carrie. You inspired me to go on my own political rant. :)

Alisha said...

You are SO blacklisted. LOL :) You're silly :)

Alisha said...

I didn't think you were being sarcastic. No worries :)

kat and jason said...

hey carrie---i totally disagree with you...i'm glad you have an educated opinion though-instead of just doing what everyone else is doing.

so does it bother you at all that he's for gay marriage??? or partial birth abortion? (aborted at 6 mo)

does it bother you that he will raise taxes a ton (to pay for all of these "plans" he has. he says he won't raise taxes---but...where do you think he'll get that much money from?

does the socialized healthcare bother you? you will have pooer healthcare---and it will take much longer to get treatments. ask anyone from another country. the health care will be much worse.

does it bother you that his middle name is hossein? or that he associates with that crazy pastor?

does it bother you that he NO EXPERIENCE-no record. you have no idea what he will actually do??

to vote for someone b/c of just 1 issue i think is scary b/c there are so many issues to be weighed.

i think he is a respectable man too. he's a great motivational speaker (which is why people love him)

he scares me to death what he might do to this country--he's so liberal!

don't be offended by my questions- just stating my opinions too.

mom/caryn said...

I'd love to hear your answers as well...

J Black said...

Oh Carrie you are so right on about Obama- I've supported him from the beginning and am excited that he is going to be our next president. There. It's out. We support Obama! Now for the shocked cries from the rest of the family!

I could go on and on in rebuttle to previous comments and questions, but this obviously is not the forum for political debate. All I can say is POLITICAL PROPOGANDA!
Thank you for a well written and thought provoking blog. You can bet I'll be at the polls Nov. 4th, even if my votes means nothing in this state...