Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama Follow-up

Yes, I am still voting for Obama and I wasn't planning on any follow-ups but all it took was a little nudging from Aunt Caryn and and I'll answer my feelings on some of the comments made because I know at least on person will be interested! I just want to clarify before my stance that I am not offended by any difference of opinion and recognize that I do not know everything. I do however try to be unbiased and fair and weigh both sides of any argument before I make any decision, so here goes:

I personally do not agree with abortion and do wish the laws could be changed so that abortions could only be used in true medical situations where the mothers life is at risk or in case of incest and rape, rather than a form of birth control which I find abominable. I recognize that "risk of mother's health" is a very broad term because ANY time a woman gets pregnant her health is at risk to some degree. However, I would not support a ban on abortion unless Mother's life, rape or incest were included. The truth is, if my 12 year old daughter gets pregnant by the next door neighbor's husband, NOBODY will tell me she can't get an abortion because her choice was taken away in the situation to have a baby. I also want to point out that we've had a republican president for 8 years and abortion is still legal, even with the appointment of two conservative judges. So in other words, I don't base my vote on this one decision. I recognize that many do weigh this as their number one decision on who to vote for, and for those who do, I can understand why you would vote for John McCain.

Barack Obama has said he would not raise taxes unless you are making 250k a year. That's 5% of Americans and even less than 5% of businesses. I personally will fall into the 95% of Americanise whose taxes won't be raised. I believe him when he says this. I have heard from many people that "only good LDS members should vote republican" so I want to challenge that. The church Strongly preaches frugality and living within your means. In what way has the republican government for the past 8 years lived up to that. (and saying that the congress has been democrat for less than 2 years doesn't work for me. George Bush sets the tone.) If it means having to raise taxes a little so the government can set the example of a balanced budget for Americans and the rest of the world, I'm up for it. Why should we as Americans be punished for debt when our own government can't balance their check books. In my humble opinion there is definitely a link between Americans citizens over spending and CEO's bankrupting their companies, and it starts with the government's terrible spending habits. It reminds me of something called the pride cycle. HMMMM raising taxes or going into record breaking debt, I think I'll take financially security. Having said all that, I think both tax plans are flawed. I think a flat tax would be the best for the nation. We already have a working example of how successful it is. It's called the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

Contrary to popular belief, if a democrat gets elected into office, medicine won't automatically be socialized. Having said that, I'm not afraid of socialized medicine for 2 reasons #1. It will never happen in the US. and #2 Not EVERYTHING about it is terrible. Actually, I have talked to someone who lives in another country about and it happens to work for her and her family. (Mary and Chris, if I'm misrepresenting, you speak up; if I'm not, back me up!) I just want to point out that the countries we're talking about who practice socialized medicine are advanced, educated, peaceful, and civilized countries. I'm not saying it's the best solution for the US because it's not perfect, but why not take the good things from it and the good things from our current policies and combine them. This is what the US does best...solve problems by compromise. Let's face it, we already practice socialized medicine to a degree. Homeless people, illegal aliens, uninsured patients, all paid for by the government. In my opinion, Insurance companies are the BIGGEST part of what's wrong with our current health care system. Barack is suggesting that we keep our current doctors and plans if they work for us and for those who don't have any, they can be apart of the health plan that senators and congressmen use. Republicans like to say that they will be forced to go to certain doctors and hospitals. News flash, insurance plans already work that way.

Jaclyn was right when she pointed out political propaganda. A person's middle name is probably the last reason I would vote for them. When I hear the Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity right wing talk show hosts of the world try to create fear in the hearts of their listeners by saying "Barack Hussein Obama" I already know they are not of sound mind to make judgements as to whom I will vote for. First of all Obama is a Christian, but even if he was Muslim and still kept all the same political policies that I am voting for, I would still vote for him. I believe Islam, when practiced correctly and peacefully, is a beautiful religion. Many LDS people have theorized that Muhammad was a prophet. I can't necessarily say that I think that but I'm not afraid of Muslim Americans or Muslims in general. I had a Muslim friend in college and I realized her beliefs are really not that different from our own. I really liked her, she was a great person and I learned not to be afraid of Muslims. Also, I like Baracks ethnic diversity. Already people around the world have said he is more relateable and let's face it, we need to do some damage control for our global neighbors.

As for Reverend Wright; I believe strongly in keeping separation of church and state. It protects the churches as much as the citizens. I want to remind everyone that our church did not allow black people to hold the priesthood until 1978. I do not believe this is a valid reason to NOT vote for Mit Romney, and I feel I should extend the same courtesy to everyone else's religion. Religion is controversial period. You can look into anyone's religion and find all kinds of hypocrisies and contradictions. For that reason, I choose not to look at someone's religion when I vote for a candidate. The important thing is, Barack Obama has never repeated the Rev.'s rhetoric and has never conducted a life that supports what he says. Also, I have sat in many congregations and Sunday school classes and heard crazy ridiculous opinions spewed. I know that I can worship the same God and share spiritual beliefs as someone, but completely disagree on many other issues. Again, I extend this same courtesy to everyone.

Barack Obama has short experience in the Senate but many argue this as refreshing. Also, he has been very successful at almost everything in his past. I absolutely respect John McCain's experience in the Senate and Military. If only we could all go back 8 years and Elect him as President! He would have been the better candidate 8 years ago. I'd like to point out that S. Palin has less experience than Obama..

I will bring up one point that I strongly agree with McCain and differ on with Obama. Ironically, it's the one issue that many in Utah at least will find me crazy for. I think school vouchers would save our schools and I hope they will soon be used in our school system. Before you start on your arguments against school vouchers...just know that I have weighed all the pros and cons and if you start bringing up arguments on vouchers you might get another loooong blog post from me.

I'm not afraid of your opinions and I respect everyone's right to choose. I love America. We are so blessed to live in this nation!


River said...

Love your post - I could not agree more. I have a quote for all those who think "Good LDS people should only vote Republican" I go back to what President Hinckley said in his interview with Larry King (which I attached below and the link). He was asked about elections and Larry said that he assumes that President Hinckley votes republican, President Hinckley's response was no I vote for the man not the party. And mentioned that he has voted on both sides. SO you can still be a good LDS person and vote for Obama. I am!

Jeffrey said...

Dang, girl! My sista's gettin' political. Way da be!

J Black said...

Carrie you have argued Obama's merits (and vices) beautifully. I couldn't have said it better myself. Way to be an educated, thinking, concerned voter!

Now the question is- how much do you know about your state representatives for whom you will also vote for in a few weeks and who also have more influence on our lives than Obama likely ever will? I think we can all do a little more research there...

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I'm Chandi's best childhood friend, and I saw your link on her post, so that's how I'm here...

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I think you've done the best job arguing for Obama from any other LDS mama I know. I don't support him, but you've pointed out some good, relevant points that are important to know - especially since it's likely he'll be elected.

My number one reason for voting against him is abortion. I'm hoping that someday we'll get enough enough conservative Supreme Court appointees to overturn it. I have lots of other reasons too, but this comment is long enough. :)

malmfamily said...

Wow, Carrie, since when did you get to be so political! Thanks for your post(s) and opinions. I unfortunately did not vote this year. Mainly, I suppose, because I don't feel either Obama nor McCain are such great candidates. But, I know many members of the church here who also share your opinions about Obama. I also wanted to just say that social medicine works great here in Sweden. (Albeit there are only 11 million people living here compared to nearly 300 million in the States). I agree, socialized health care would NEVER happen in America, but for Sweden it works out pretty nicely. As does high-taxes. For example having a baby here in Sweden is completely free of costs! Absolutely, 100%! I don't pay anything for prenatal visits, birth, pain killers, hospital visits, or anything. Immunization is completely free afterwards as well. On top of that, Chris and I get 480 days maternity/paternity leave (that's right, both maternity, and PATERNITY) where we get paid 80% of our monthly salary. Those 480 days can be taken out whenever up until the child turns 5. Which means we have two incomes just by having children. On top of that, each child gets about 150 USD a month just because up until they turn 18! All universites are free and you can in fact get grants while you study. A couple years ago, we needed some extra money, so I took a class on-line and got paid for it! Also, Chris gets 5 weeks paid vacation just like that. Pretty much everybody who has a full-time job here does. If the kids ever get sick, I don't have to worry about what insurance I have or how much the dr. visits going to cost. It's all free. That's just standard. I could go on, but just to point out some good sides about a socialized government. Of course there's bad sides as well. Taxes are much higher and the ER's have a lot longer waiting time. But, the actual quality of medicine and health care is equal to the States. Sweden is one of the most developed countries in the world in the medical field! I'm done. Sorry so long.

Lynley said...

Great post Carrie. Well worded. Well thought.

A few things I don't like about Obama:
-Obama WILL raise taxes in the form of capital gains and the death tax and probably some other things- but as you said- you would support that to pay down the debt. Taxes are difficult for me to understand- seems like everybody's plan is gonna be great. All I know, is that it is very important to me to cut taxes whenever possible, with fiscal responsibility. I totally support Bush in cutting taxes, but then he went crazy on the spending. THAT was his mistake,- not cutting taxes. I also would like the country to take a serious look at the flat tax.

Obama is not a moderate- at least by his voting record. WHEN he voted, he always voted straight party. McCain is much more of a moderate.

There's not a whole lot to go off of what Obama will actually do once he has the power of the presidency- except that he has always stuck with the far left.

Is he a man that talks about hope, but doesn't know how to deliver?

Is he just a pacifist, like Jimmy Carter?

Will he encourage more people to become dependent on government?

Is he balanced? Does he know the boundaries of his party?

I don't think it's a good idea to nationalize health care. But that's not his stated plan.

It DOES bother me that he supported a black community leader that embodies, in my opionion, the exact wrong leadership that the community needs.

I am disappointed that he's not more moderate on abortion.

But. But I believe he is a good man.
He has a diverse past- both with the black and white culture. He went to Harvard, was President of the Law Review,taught Constitutional law. Married an intelligent woman. Was a community activist.

He has lived outside of the United States- lived in different family situations: single mother, step dad, grandparents, etc. This provides valuable experience.

He is presidential. He is logical, thoughtful, articulate. He makes sense when you actually listen to what he has to say, and not what talk radio has to say about him.

He is calm, level-headed, treats people with dignity and respect. (Mccain loses big time on that one)

He is diplomatic- I can see him working with leaders of other nations, MUCH better than Mccain.

He is strategic (how did he ever win the Hilary machine- that takes talent)

He IS presidential. And I agree with "River". In this election, I'm going to vote for the man, not the party (sorry Jaclyn and Carrie, you fledgling democrats- I'm still a Republican). I'm going to vote for Obama.