Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Road Trip

We're headed to Montana in a couple of days for Thanksgiving. It's really more of a hunting trip, but whatever. Thanksgiving and Hunting are pretty much interchangeable this time of year. I have to admit, I NEVER thought I'd marry a hunter. My first huntin' outing was also my last and it lasted for about 10 minutes. It's was probably one of our first fights as a married couple too.
Shane: "Sit still d@#* it!"
Carrie: "I can't even Shiver? Forget this, I'm going home."
Note: Since I'm the one writing this, I can make myself look more innocent than I probably was.

Moving on, hopefully we'll bring back enough elk meat to satisfy us for the next year. (I put my foot down at deer meat, it's not worth the freezer space.) Here are some pictures of "Thanksgiving/huntin' parties" of the past.

Here are four of the Hughes boys. Travis isn't here because he doesn't hunt. Actually, he's a vegetarian. If a vegetarian can be raised from this family, there's nothing that can't happen:)

I got a phone call from my 5 year old nephew today and he told me all about the 5 point bucks roaming the Many Lakes area and the pheasants and ducks they shot at Grandma's pond. I wish I could have recorded the call. He sounds like he's been hunting for 30 years minimum.

What, you don't let your two year old daughters play with elk heads lying around in the back yard? tsk tsk tsk.
Personally, I'm really excited this Thanksgiving to see Twilight. We're leaving on Thursday which means I won't be able to go with my girlfriends, so unfortunately for Shane, he's promised to go with me. Although I'm excited to see it, I have to admit my hopes aren't that high for this movie. Granted, I've never seen a movie that's as good as the book, but this movie especially might be a little too "teenage" for me. We'll see I guess.
I hope everyone has a great Holiday and travels safely to their destinations. I'll have a full "elk meat" and "Twilight" report when we return.


From the Life of Jen B said...

Have fun with the hunting and taking Shane to see Twilight...poor guy! :) Happy Thanksgiving

J.Frey said...

The elk head seriously grosses me out! You are a good sport! My husband is not a hunter, but he is a big nascar fan. (I'm not sure what is worse!) Have fun on your trip!

Natalie said...

WE need to talk. Elk head? Really? Just kiddin-I am borrowing my friends Twighlight book tonight and plan to finish it before a bunch of girls go to the movie on Sat. We'll see how it goes. You should be proud, very proud of me, right?

bigskyboys said...

We're looking forward to the slaugher-fest to begin. We haven't filled any of our tags, just waiting for you so you can help cut up the meat. Five different bucks around the house this morning, Kesler is going crazy! Happy driving to the promised land, see you soon!

mom/caryn said...

Urp, GAG!! Some massive animal head laying of the ground? Shades of The Godfather!

Ikeep asking Dustin why he can't just shoot the deer with his camera. He looks at me like he's absolutely sure that he never slid through my birth canal. Well... actually he didn't really slide through... I have a new client that said he'll take Dusty out on a Buffalo hunt. When I told him, you'd have thought he just found out his calling and election had been made sure.

What is with these crazed killers, anyway? I don't buy that it's for the meat. They could buy the dang meat for what it costs them to buy their tags, ammo, gas, food. It's the "thrill" of getting up before daylight, freezing to the bone, dragging some carcass seven miles uphill... Wierd!

J Black said...

You're so lucky to have a place like Montana to escape to- even if it does involve the smell of elk innards and blood splattered on the roof of your car. And at least you have a cozy fire and X-mas crafting while the boys are out...

Jeffrey said...

Shane swore.