Monday, August 17, 2009

Huckleberries 101

I just love saying Huckleberry.....Huck-le-ber-ry. Rolls right off the tongue. I also love eating them like in pies, shakes, cream cheese and doughnut topping or over crepes, which is all the ways Shane and I had Huckleberries on our recent 2 week vacation to Montana. In August Huckleberries are in full swing and we took full advantage

Here are some interesting facts about Blueberry's little-known close cousin.

*Huckleberries are very similar to blueberries except smaller and a little more tart. They also have more antioxidents than Blueberries.

*Huckleberries are almost exclusively grown in the wild, they're pretty spoiled that way. They need the right altitude, moisture, cool temperature or else they refuse to grow. So...if you ever find yourself in a nursery asking for a Huckleberry bush, and they sell you one; know that you more than likely taking home a Blueberry bush.

*Huckleberries grow in the Northwest like Montana, Washington, and parts of Canada. Shane says he's had some on the Tetons and we heard from Grandma and Grandpa Hughes that they found some in Russia.

*The going rate for a gallon of Huckleberries is $39. Why are they worth so much? Because you have to fight the bears for them! That's right, bears love Huckleberries so watch out and have your bear spray close by. The pictures represent $117.00, or three gallons of Huckleberries. (please nobody check my math.) We hiked a mile or so up a mountain in the beautiful Jewel Basin and spent 4 hours picking huckleberries and we did not sell any of them! They are in my freezer as we speak, just sitting there being delicious and healthy... waiting to be made into a pie.

You can always tell a Huckleberry picker by their purple hands. Or in Shane's case, a purple tongue.


ktholmes11 said...

I've never had a huckleberry, but now I'm very intrigued! You and your family are so fun!

Charity said...

Who knew? You are making me hungry for some (even though I've never had any) They look and sound delicious, and hey if they are related to blue berries they're bound to be good!
luv ya!
What are you guys up to now?

JonandLo said...

Thanks for the fun I am ready for some pie!

erin said...

i love this post. I love all the fun facts. I love that you hiked to pick your own....did you wear your bear spray? Glad you have them in your freezer awaiting you.

Mark and Sariah Thomas said...

Purple is a great color for your hands. ;o) That looks like it was a lot of fun! And good luck with the continued house shopping!!

Deanie said...

Carrie and Shane
We are waiting for that nutritious huckleberry pie aroma coming from downstairs so we can crash the party and have some!

Lynley said...

Ooohhhh, huckleberry on doughnuts and creamcheese. I guess I need to go find some since I'm here in WASHINGTON. And we could sure use the money.

found a house yet?