Sunday, January 3, 2010

Given the choice, I'd take something old over something new, nine times out of ten. Take this clapboard wooden house for example. It is far more interesting to me than the multi-million dollar homes a couple blocks from my house. (Ummm, not that I'd want to live here, just take pictures and think, "oh, if walls could talk.")

And for a second example, take this shocking orange number:

Please be honest. If you found yourself eyeing this at a garage sale and the owner of the home casually walks up to you and says, "That was my mother's swim suit from the 1960's"
Would your heart skip a beat slightly as you try to keep a calm, non-interested, negotiating type poker face as you realize you could become the proud owner of a 1960's retro bathing suit?
Would you say something like, "It's a great swimsuit, but I can't be sure it fits." and the owner responds "Is it worth finding out for $1."
Would you suddenly trip over yourself and knock a few things over trying to find a dollar in your pocket before asking your mom to spot you the buck?
I can only answer for myself that "Yes!" that is what I would and DID do at a garage sale last summer. And guess what, I might just be weird enough to wear and if you must know my entire New Year's resolution revolves around my orange bathing beauty. First, the perks of the swim suit:

I folded up the front of the swim suit to reveal a hidden panel that acts like a built in garter for an instant tummy tuck. That is one feature DEFINITELY missing from today's swim suits.

The second perk of the swim suit is that it is potentially worth $75. I immediately researched the label, "Cole Of California Original,"when I got home and discovered that it is indeed from the the 1960's and that some of these vintage numbers sell for as much as $75. I was pretty excited to see my $1 investment make such a prophet, but alas, I will not be selling her.
You see, remember when I told the garage sale man the swim suit may not fit? Sadly, I was right. It was really hard to squeeze myself into it. The fabric isn't the wonderful, stretchy, spandexy futuristic swimsuit material we all know and love today that designers back then could only dream of; it's more of a clothy, must fit your body to a T, type material the women of the 60's had to suffer through.
The good news is, I'm not too far away from a decent fit. I think if I loose 8 lbs I should reasonably be able to wear ole' orangey without scaring anyone. I've already lost about 5lbs since last summer while suffering through the grueling P90X videos for 3 months. My New Year's resolution is to spend the next 6 weeks (I really like resolutions that last only 6 weeks) eating right and exercising to lose 8lbs and be ready for my swimsuit's big comeback debut in Cancun Mexico. I can't wait!- for Cancun that is. So that's it, I have 6 weeks to loose 8 lbs. At first I thought that might be asking too much. But then I saw a repeat of the "Biggest Loser" finale a couple nights ago and one of the contestants lost 101 lbs in 7 weeks. Can you say inspiring!!
I would like to start sharing some of the healthy recipes I'll be making on a daily basis for the next few weeks so that I feel like I'll be accountable to someone or something. Even if I'm the only one reading, just don't let me know so I'll actually stick to this plan!
This post is long enough, so my first VERY simple, nutritious yet delicious recipe I'll post tomorrow. Just a hint: it involves cauliflower and kids love it.


Charity said...

You make me laugh. I have to say I like the suit. Good luck. And thats way exciting you get to go to Cancun!

Traci said...

I love the orange swimsuit!! I am glad you got such a great deal on it!

Chandi said...

Go Carrie! You can do it, and I can so see you wearing that swimsuit. It is AWESOME!!!! I love a find like that!

anniebugs said...

I love this!!!

Alisha said...

You made it through all 3 months of P90X & can't say you LOVED it?? I loved it... I hate working out but I love that I finished it. I loved that I lost 17 lbs. I did P90X workouts with Weight Watchers-- I don't know if you can loose 8 lbs in 6 weeks... you're pretty tiny... but if anything will do it that will! Good luck! And let me know if you need any healthy recipes!

Alisha said...

P.S. That bathing suit is FABULOUS! I could never pull it off but I know you could! You tall skinny type... grr....

Natalie said...

I'm with Alisha! Where do you have 8 lbs to lose? I am not gong to discourage you though.. you go girl. I love garage sales and I love that you found an orange swim suit at one! When are we going to get together? Who are you going to Cancun with? Awww...I am jealous! Funny that you mentioned and Tony Horton have a date planned for the next 3 months starting tonight!

erin said...

okay that bathing suit totally fits your body type. Im totally jealous. Its darling. You are going to rock the orange out of it. have so much fun in cancun. and have fun finishing up that p90x....blah

mom/caryn said...

Love, LOVE it!!! Up until a few years ago I had a vintage Cataline swimsuit that was actualy titled, "Fireman, Fireman, Save my Child". True story. Catalina was the Cadillac of beach style in it's time, and used to name their swimsuits the most ridiculous things.

It got lost in the shuffle moving from New Harmony to Fairview. I have grieved over the loss.

Ever so pleased to know that you found such a cute suit and that it will actually be enjoyed as you frolick in the sun and surf of Cancun.

Lynley said...

OK- I just have to comment on aunt Caryn's comment cause it is too funny- I mean "fireman, fireman save my child!" for the name of a swimsuit. That is CLASSIC- love it!!! I would so wear that and tell everyone its name and laugh all day at the beach.

Carrie- nice suit- find any vintage underwear as well? (ha ha)

I'm sure you allready fit into that suit- you look fabulous.

Ahh the motivations of Cancun. I'm working my little heart out at Crossfit.

Deanie said...

Carrie I didnt see the 1960 orange pumpkin on you at Cancun! Oh well it might have disintegrated in the ocean once you hit the water. I had a suit that was black and that style in 1960 and always loved it.
oxox mom