Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Avery

Yesterday my little baby girl turned 6! I can't believe how time flies. Because her birthday is in June, she laments all year about being soooo much younger than all the other kids in her grade, so now finally she can feel caught up.

I've done birthday parties for the last 3 years, so we decided to have a family party with one friend. She chose her inseparable pal Hailey.

She had her heart set on Chuckie Cheese's for her birthday party.

She got Barbies from Hailey, A swim suit and mermaid costume for Gma and Gpa Hughes, clothes from Gma and Gpa Stott, and from mom and dad she got a ballet bar with a ballet DVD, a hula hoop (the girls got some serious skills) and a Moxie girls make-over doll bust. (kind of the updated version of those large barbie heads where you could fix their hair.)
Love you Avery! Sorry you're the oldest and you have to suffer through all my parenting mistakes. Some how, you're turning out really great.


malmfamily said...

good tip about Stake Lagoon Day.

Looks like Avery had a good 6th bday party.

We'll see you guys Monday!

Jade said...

Seriously how do you have a 6 year old? She is darling. I feel her pain with being the youngest in her grade it just isn't fair until your 20's now I love that I am the last one to get old.
Hey I have your water bottle and the part to your heart rate monitor. Lets run again so I can get it back to you :)

malmfamily said...

Carrie, don't be sad, just come down and we can play here next time. What's next week look for you guys?

Sariah said...

Man, she's getting so big!

Also, a long time ago you posted teaser pictures about some of your home remodeling projects (like your kitchen). Any completion pictures coming in the future??? I've been quite interested.