Monday, April 18, 2011

Why I Never Blog Anymore.

I haven't blogged for a very long time. The pictures below are only half the story.

The other half of the story is that for a very long time now it's bothered me that I do not have my bachelor's degree. For years the thought to go back to school has been at the back of my mind, in my dreams, and irritating my subconscious. I quit school about seven years ago when I had my first born so I fully recognize the irony of going back to school after having my third born. After quitting when Avery was born, my Dad ever so tactfully reminded me that I'm the only one of his six children who will not have a degree. How's that for peer pressure! Well apparantly at the age of 29 I'm still susceptible to peer pressure because I just finished a semester of school and I'm going back for more this summer. It's gotta be done, and now is the time to do it.

So here's a quick update on the Hughes family:

We got emus.

We got a beehive.

Sienna's crawling.

I married a farmer.

I'd like to elaborate, but I'm quite sick right now and may start hallucinating, so it's time to sign-off.


Lynley said...

Good thing I didn't go on a mission....

I hope you keep blogging here and there, I've really enjoyed your writings and pics.

We are all excited to come to your house for egg pudding, honey cakes, vegetable goulash and emu pot pie.

And very impressed that you are going back to school- that is soooooo hard, but you certainly have the talent to do it.

See you this week-end?

The Trythalls said...

Carrie, I love reading your blog. It's so fun to read. Glad to see an update. :) Your little Sienna is getting so big, and is so cute. Can't believe she is crawling already. Hats off to you for going back to school....with three kids, that is AMAZING!

malmfamily said...

hello dear friend. So, you going back to school intrigued me. I too have been playing with the thought - especially since schooling is free here. And i will (now is not the time for me). But, it made me curious to know what you decided to go into? Anything specific? Weren't you doing interior designing at one point? You're awesome!
and btw you and Shane produce adorable children!

Jade said...

I didn't realize you went back already! Congrats!!! And Good luck!