Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finally...my first post ever.

For weeks now I've been telling people I'm starting a blog, and today I am finally starting. I like to be a woman of my word even if it does take several weeks. Oh it will take me awhile to work out all the well thought-out detail I see on everybody else's blogs, but eventually I will get there. At this point in my life, my children allow me about ten minutes tops on the computer before Avery gets lost in cartoon land and Sage starts crying from neglect. Speaking of my children, would you like to see some pictures?

Here is Crazy #1 also known as Avery. She's our little Montana girl. She loves the outdoors, taking hikes, looking for wild life, all of which she learned to love from our trips to Montana. When she doesn't have Montana on her mind, her other muses in life are playing with friends, changing her clothes no less than three times a day, and as anyone who calls our house knows, talking on the phone. Her birthday is in June and sometimes I have to remind myself she is only turning 4, not 16.

Would you like to meet Crazy #2?

This is our little Sage. He turns one on Saturday. He is our little Daddy's boy and cuddle bug. He loves dancing to music, playing with balls, and following me around the house undoing whatever it was I might have just cleaned up. Much like his older sister, he is very social, friendly, and curious. We just can't seem to take a picture of Sage without him crawling toward of reaching for the camera.

I have to say I'm very grateful these two children were sent to our home. As difficult as parenthood is, they are perfect for Shane and me, and we try to be the best parents for them.

For my next blog I will fill you in on the disasterous consequences of this seemingly innocent picture.


Lynley said...

I love to look at blogs, but don't often comment cause that would mean I would have to think of a reply and take time to type it and remember my password and then be completely unsatisfied with my response, BUT seeing as how I have the unique and probably lucky chance of being the first ever person to comment on your first ever blog, I coudn't help myself. I love the picture of Avery and Sage. Sage is shaping up to be the beyond handsome boy that I predicted at his birth. I like the "Montana on my mind" bit, very clever. I'm filled with excitement to see what happens to Avery with the snarled-looking boy on the paddle boat. And I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage you to post lots of pictures of you and Shane as well as the chitlins. I like to see how pretty my sister is.

Well, that's it for now. Love you.


Chandi said...

Yeah!!!!! You did it! I am so excited you have joined our blogging world. I will love to check out your pics and share in your day to day stories and thoughts. Your children are beautiful. The picture of Avery in front of the wildflowers is perfect. Keep it up girl!!!

mom/caryn said...


Your first blog ever and you already look and sound like an old hand at it. Lots of fun to read. Love the pics of your cute lil babies!! Keep em comin... the blogs, not the babies. Although...

Natalie said...

WAHOOOOOOOO!!!! You are alive and in the blogging world! Thank you for being a woman of your word :) I hope to see you soon! Maybe Lisa's wedding? We all need to get together to go to this.

The Gibb's said...

HI! Yea for blogging! Where you going to tell me you started finally? Your kids are so cute! I see a resemblance of Sage and Tate. Those pictures are darling!

Deanie said...

Carebear and Shane the dane
Love your blog. How about more pics of you and Shane and the kids. Lynley, is "chitlins" a swear word??

OXOX mom