Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love before and after pictures

When Shane and I bought our condo almost two years ago, We knew it would require some major updating. We have spent countless hours remodeling the place....well, when I say we, I mostly mean Shane. I have done a good job at keeping the kids out of the way however. Here is a before and after of Shane's latest project.

This is a picture of how our fireplace use to look. Other than Shane's wonderful family, (sorry Hughes' it was the only fireplace picture I could find) it's totally boring, insignificant, and lack lustre.

Here is the after picture.

Shane tiled travertine stone and made the mantle out of molding. Once again, I kept the kids out of his way.
Avery does a pretty good job at decorating the fire place, (don't ask me where she learned to pose like this) but we need something to decorate the mantle. Any suggestions?

unfortunatly our camera is broken, so I won't be able to post any new pictures for awhile. You'll just have to suffer through our old pictures:)


The Adventures of Dave & Jac Black Family said...

Awesome work Shane! The fireplace is beautiful! I have the same problem with my mantel Carrie, I'm not sure how to decorate it, and it's looking very boring. Pass on any Ideas.

Chandi said...

Way to go Shane!!!! He is a man of many talents. I love paintings leaning against the wall on a mantle, or tall candlesticks, or a variety of vases. Hit up Tai Pan you'll find something.

Natalie said...

Hey girl! i am way impressed. So let's get together before Lisa gets married. Is someone throwing her a shower? Are you going to all the festivities? I hope so. Can't wait to see you soon. call me!