Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daddy-Daughter ski for free.

Shane took Avery skiing today at Alta. They do a "ski for free after three." So they get an hour and a half of skiing which is perfect for a four year old. I didn't go because we had no one to watch Sage. Shane is determined to make her an Olympian, whether it be skiing or running. One thing she will not be doing, according to Shane, is cheer leading. (Sorry to anyone reading this who may have been a cheerleader.) Personally, I think it's a little hypocritical considering Shane was once a cheerleader himself. (Pause for dramatic effect) Yes that's right Shane Hughes was once a cheerleader. Okay, it was only for one assembly and he was invited by a cheerleader because apparently they needed some boys to do a stunt of some kind. (what do I know about cheer leading.) Anyway, the girl had a crush on Shane and told him he could look up her skirt during the stunt. (Shane will kill me when he sees this but it's worth the risk) He claims he didn't look, but then again, he was a teenager. How I went from daddy-daughter date to loose  women, I will never know. Enjoy the pictures. (None of them include loose women.)

ps. For anyone who missed it, the Mark Twain quotes are under the photo of the week. It is a little inconspicuous, the picture is so big and the quote so small.


mountainmama said...

Looks like you had great time. We feel the same about cheerleading, not in this house.

Lynley said...

Hey those where awsome pictures I wish I could go skiing it looks like so much fun. love it
see ya, kaite

I might be able to go skiing with you guys next chistmas! Now, wouldn't that be awesome! Like my sister, I want to go skiing with you guys really bad. I hope we'll have fun!


Chandi said...

I'm betting that Shane looked. What a fun daddy daughter date. The pictures are fun. Your writing was once again very entertaining.

mom/caryn said...

I have it on very good authority that extremely creative minds meander uncontrolably. And that explains the leap from sweet four year old to brazen hussy.

I'm pretty sure he's got more than a fighting chance to turn your daughter into an Olympic Gold Medalist... but, should that not occur, how does he feel about Rodeo Queens?

mom/caryn said...

P.S. Thanks for taking an old lady by the hand and quiding her to the Mark Twain quotes. I like it!!

Jade said...

I have to clear one thing up... I had to work to loose my weight. I ran everyday just for the record :) OH and your mom guessed that Tate was a girl so I must have been the one.

But that is awesome that Avry is already skiing. I am jealous, I crave it everyday. What is the point of winter if you can't ski?

The Stott's said...

I love your little girl! She is so so cute. Especially in her cute skiing outfit. Thanks for sharing!