Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If they say these things in another 10 years it won't be so cute.

A couple days ago my children made me laugh all day with their potty mouth antics:

1. We were in the care singing to the radio, (one of Avery's favorite past times) and a song came on that Avery really loves. We all know it, "I'm Yours" by Jason Miraz sp? Anyway, I was really amazed at how well she knew the lyrics even when it came to the line that goes something like, "open up your eyes and d@#! you're free." she didn't miss a single word or beat. I had to laugh.

2. Later that day, Avery and Shane were on the computer playing a game together and Avery started getting frustrated with Shane over something I'm not quite sure of, and I heard her say in a very teenage tone of voice, "Calm your butt Dad." Shane looked at her completely shocked, but again, I had to laugh. (Though I shouldn't have.)

3. And my personal favorite, I was playing a game with Sage:
Where's your nose? (Sage points to his nose.)
Where's your mouth? (Sage points to his mouth.)
Where's your eyes? (Sage points to his eyes.)
Where's your cheeks? (Sage points to his bottom.)
I was pretty much rolling on the ground at that point.

Off the subject, but one of my favorite authors has always been Mark Twain (okay, you can stop being shocked now) and I wanted to share from a book of quotes from him called "Wit and Wisecracks." He always makes me laugh and if you haven't read "Huckleberry Finn" what are you waiting for? Yes, I like it even better than Twilight:)


Chandi said...

that gave me a good laugh too. thanks for sharing. my boys have been have definitly had their share of comments such as these. the other day Brannock told me he knew what the family jewels were. aaurghh!!! how do they learn these things?

J.Frey said...

So funny! I love how you just roll with the punches. Mark Twain is one of my favorites too! You just inspired me to reread Huck Finn!

Thad & Summer Stott said...

That's so funny! Yeah I agree there are not enough Stotts in Hawaii. We need more!!! Come on move out here! We would love that. Shea and Sarah Beth are leaving us the beginning of May and I'm going to be so lonely.

mom/caryn said...

Funneeeee!! What exactly does it mean, "Calm you butt, Dad"? Where did she come up with that? I wish it wasn't hilarous, but it was.
Sage may be somewhwat confused this summer when you tell him he needs sunblock to keep his cheeks from getting burned... I loved that. That's one to cause you to slip to the floor holding your sides.

Uhhhh... what is that you were going to share from Twain's Wit and Wisecracks? I was drooling to read some clever quote. Alak, none was to be found.

Carrie and Shane said...

For Aunt Caryn and anyone who missed it, the Mark Twain quotes are underneith the photo of the week.

Lynley said...

Avery is just like you. You used to always sing to the radio, and you were the only one in the family who actually knew the words. Seemed like you only needed to listen to it a few times and you had the whole song memorized. I"ve heard the Jason Miraz song, and still I don't know that line......