Thursday, March 18, 2010

The newest members of the Hughes family

The Hughes family is five. We are the proud parents of five baby chicks, because apparently we don't have enough on our plate what with an unfinished house, bad sewer pipes (don't ask, you don't want to know) and a jungle for a yard.

Actually, my complaining isn't really valid. Chickens are so easy to take care of and the children ADORE them. Right now they live in a makeshift home in our basement until it's warm enough to put them outside in a coop. These chickens will lay brown eggs but supposedly Rosie will lay blue eggs! That's the sole reason we picked her. They should start laying in October and as many as two a day. They are strictly for egg laying, but we are considering raising some chickens for eating. (watch "Food Inc.")

Here are three of them. from left to right meet Rosie, Penny, and Annabelle. For some reason Annabelle is the undisputed favorite 0f the children.

Sage might like these chickens a little too much. He constantly sneaks downstairs and puts them in buckets. What purpose the buckets serve, I'm not sure, but that's his thing. I may have to get a lock for the door.

Please pay no attention to the disaster that is our yard....

...truthfully, it's only about to get worse.

This might be only the beginning of the Hughes family farm. We'd also like to get some beehives and to be honest I wouldn't mind getting a cow for fresh, unpasteurized milk. (Ha!, like that's gonna happen.) Shane's even talked about raising Emus. Yes, I did just say Emus. All the while my dream of horses has to be put on the back burner. (don't feel too sorry for me.) In the meantime, if you want fresh eggs, you know where to get them.


Sariah said...

Cute babies!! I'd love to have a chicken coop down the road too so I think that's awesome you guys are well on the road to a nice supply of fresh eggs. Your kids are so big now too!

malmfamily said...

Wow, congrats! They're really cute. And so fun for the kids! We want to see more pictures of your house...have you come very far?

Jade said...

How fun! I too want chickens some day. Our day is a long long ways away but maybe sometime. Your kids are so cute. I am excited to hang out with them this summer. (We come home in a month!)

J Black said...

You know you have already broken the first cardinal rule to raising chickens- don't name them. Oh well, blue eggs are worth a little heart ache.

Lynley said...

oh come on- chickens are so trendy and a little pase. (that word is missing the little squiggly line atop the s, or maybe its the e).
Now Emus- that's a breakout.

I can't help but think of Martha Stewart and how she always tell us to "get the very best ingredients. buy the freshest eggs you can find...." you'll have to tell me if your chocolate chip cookies turn out even better.

Avery looks older- and she looks more like you!

Speaking of chicken, we had coq au vin with Greek smashed potatoes Sunday evening- the "vin" part compliments of Cancun.

W.C.Camp said...

Hey name those chickens if you want and love them. It won't hurt. It is fun to go get the eggs every morning and the chickens will come to follow the kids too. FUN.

mom/caryn said...

We aren't naming our new chickens simply because I can't tell them apart... except for our ornery rooster thaat hates me! I call him all sorts of incredibly nasty things. It wouldn't seem difficult to call them each something cute though because we only use them for eggs. (We also have an "easter egg" chick.) I can't wait. Should be laying sometime late August.

But, I can't name anything that we think we might eat down the road.

Wayne just bought two calves to raise for beef. I told them I wouldn't name them... I just couldn't do it. He said, (this is a direct quote) "Sure you can, just call them pot roast and T-bone" not funny.... well, maybe a little...

Your kids will love gathering. Our grandkids sure do! Chandi likes to teach her boys how to stalk them and shoot them with our play bows and arrows. She has an oddball streak to her that I can't quite place with her feminine appearance.

Trina said...

Cool! I've been trying to get Lee to get chickens for years. He had his fill of farm animals in his youth I think. That will be fun for your cute kids.

Hey I'm still waiting for the update on ole orange, did you wear it in Cancun? Congratulations on that great find!