Monday, June 28, 2010

Thanks for a fun weekend at Tony's Grove Lake Jaclyn and Dave!
I really can't stand swimming in public pools for sooo many reason, but mostly because chlorine does bad things to me. I would so much rather swim in a lake. I think these pictures prove my point as to why pools are out and lakes are in.

The night before we loaded up all the boys in this canoe to take them for a little ride. Sage couldn't have been more excited...until they were out for two minutes and tipped. Luckily they had life jackets. Poor Sage was afraid of the canoe after that, although I did convince him to ride with me.

My kids LOVE Uncle Jeff.

We had a great weekend out of the heat and in the pine and aspen trees. Something fascinating about Tony's Grove Lake is that 430 million years ago, it was a tropical beach of the pacific ocean. Apparantly there are lots of fossils of tropical creatures, although we didn't see any.


bigskyboys said...

Tony Grove is always a beautiful place to go. Glad you had a good weekend and didn't forget any kids. What's up with you guys capsizing boats with relatives???

Lynley said...

Gone are the Chunky Monkey days for Avery. She is streeeetching out, my goodness and looking so much like a little girl.

We love Lake swimming too- but it is still too cold up here. Glad you all got to take out the canoe and congratulations on your egg omelette. Chicken Kurma next week?

Lynley said...

Hello to bigskyboys. (I'm part of the relatives)- just commenting that we just commented.

just cool, that's all.

Lauren said...

SHane and Carrie: I've (Jeff Shaw) have been trying to find you guys for awhile now. Facebook failed me and finally i found your blog. I caught myself up on your great family and life. I want to talk to Shaners. My # is 907-854-0805. our blog is